Death and Dying

Here are answers and information about the legal issues behind death and dying.

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Death and Dying is dedicated to providing services related to advance directives prior to one's death, including our MyFuneral™ service, which allows people to specify in advance their funeral wishes.  These wishes will be communicated to a personal "Keyholder®", chosen by the member, when the time is right.  

Furthermore, there are many legal issues surrounding death and dying, including:

  • the need to write a will or Last Will and Testament (MyWill™ service)
  • the need to write an Expatriate Will (MyExpatWill™ service)
  • a Living Will or Power of Attorney for Health Care Directives (MyLivingWill™ service)
  • a Durable Power of Attorney for handling financial affairs (MyPowerOfAttorney™ service). 

These legal documents allow you to communicate your wishes when you are no longer able to do so, after you have died or while you are dying and unable to communicate.  

Estate planning while you are still healthy is a wise course of action, to ensure that your wishes are carried out the way you would like them to be.  Unfortunately, death and taxes are an unavoidable part of life in today's society.  Estate taxes and death taxes can be handled more appropriately in advance, by minimizing the estate tax impacts to your survivors.

Finally, here at we also offer three additional and very unique services which addresses death and dying:

  • The MyMessages™ service allows you to write and preaddress messages to your friends and loved ones.  These messages are completely private and they will only be sent to their recipients after you have passed away.  
  • The MyLife™ service allows you to create an online web page as a tribute to yourself.  Include photos, thoughts, memories, accomplishments, or anything else you'd like to be remembered by.  You can add text, graphics, and even audio and video.  The web page will not go online until after you have passed away, and it will serve as your permanent message to the world.  If you choose, you can even obtain online immortality by electing to have this web page remain on the Internet until the end of time.  Your children, grandchildren, and the generations to follow will always be able to visit your website and get to know you better.
  • The MyMemorials™ service is a FREE service which allows you to create an online memorial for a friend or loved one (or even a pet) that has passed away.  You may include photos, thoughts, memories, accomplishments, or anything else you'd like them to be remembered by.  A designated area allows friends and family members to leave notes, comments and other parting sentiments about this person's life.   If you wish, you can even let visitors upload their own photos, audio clips, video clips, and other memorabilia. 

    These are incredible ways to create a lasting memorial and tribute to a person's life.   An opportunity for future generations to read, see, hear and learn about how they lived and how important they were to their family, to their friends, and to their community.

  • is an associated website which offers a FREE service for creating an online memorial for a cherished pet that has passed away.  Step through a simple question and answer wizard to create a personalized memorial for your pet.  You can include photos, thoughts, memories, or anything else you'd like your pet to be remembered by.