How Does It Work?

Each member can designate up to 20 different "Keyholders"®, each of whom has been given the power to unlock their wishes when the time is right. For each such Keyholder®, the member can specify what specific information they can unlock, such as the member's health care directives, funeral wishes, final messages, uploaded files, online memorial, Power of Attorney, or Last Will and Testament.

Security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized premature access to these documents are also available and are fully customizable by the member.

Here's how it works:

Create documents
Step 1:
The Member creates their documents for the MyExpatWill, MyWill, MyLivingWill, MyPowerOfAttorney, MyLifeLocker, MyVault, MyFuneral, MyMessages and other services, and names at least one close friend or family member as their Keyholder®. The documents are stored on our secure server, and paper copies can also be printed.
Notify Keyholders
Step 2:
The member's Keyholder(s)® are notified of their responsibilities and given a secure ID to be used for accessing the member's documents at the appropriate time. If the member wishes, they can also send each Keyholder® their secure ID printed onto a plastic wallet card for safe keeping.
Update documents
Step 3:
The member can continue to make unlimited updates to their documents.
Keyholders request access
Step 4:
When the member becomes mentally incapacitated or passes away, the member's Keyholder(s)® request to view the member's documents on the server. To prevent premature access to the member's documents, an automatic notification is sent to the member explaining that a Keyholder® is attempting to view their documents.
Keyholders granted access
Step 5:
If the member does not respond to the notification within a period of time specified by the member, then the documents are released to the member's Keyholder(s)®.