You Decide

The Keyholder® Advantage

The Problem

Where are your important documents, such as your Will, Living Will or Power of Attorney? Once people create these critical documents, they often do not tell their friends or family members where they are stored.  Even if you do tell them, there is no guarantee that many years later they will remember what you told them, or that you will be able to keep them informed every time you move your documents to a new location. Contrary to what many lawyers might tell you, most people do not store these documents in a safety deposit box at a bank. Instead, these documents are more likely to be kept somewhere in your home, often well hidden from prying eyes.

What are your assets? You should not provide a detailed list of your assets in your legal Will. If you do, then every time there is a change in your possessions, you will have to update your Will. Instead, you should document your assets separately, such that they can be communicated to the "Executor" of your Will after you have passed away. Your Executor will make good use of this information to locate all of the assets in your estate.

The Solution

The Keyholder® system.  Here at, we have developed the Keyholder® system, which allows your designated friends or family members to locate your documents and important information.  But don't worry.  Security mechanisms are in place which protect you from anyone attempting to access your documents and information prematurely.

When you pass away, let us worry about communicating the location of your documents and a list of your assets. The Keyholder® system includes a unique messaging service which allows you to describe the exact location of your documents, such as your Will and Power of Attorney, and to provide a detailed list of assets for your Executor.

It's FREE. This optional service is provided for FREE to all members of There is simply no other company that provides such a complete and convenient service to their customers.

Your privacy is fully protected. The messages you create which document your assets and the location of your documents are completely private and secure. The Keyholder® system ensures that your documents are stored in a fully encrypted format on our servers.  It's so secure that no one can read them --- not even us. Furthermore, none of the information you provide is communicated until after you become mentally incapacitated or have passed away, and only to the people you specify, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. And you are free to make changes any time you wish, free of charge.

You can even store your legal documents online. Storing your legal documents, such as your Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney, online on our secure server is optional (and free), but it is a good idea for a number of reasons. First of all, it allows you to make unlimited modifications and updates to your documents without having to rewrite them each time, and for no additional charge. (Why pay a lawyer every time you need to update your Will?) Furthermore, although these online versions of your documents are not legally binding (as they are not signed and witnessed), they may be useful to loved ones if your original legal documents cannot be located.

The Security

We have developed the Keyholder® security system to protect you from anyone accessing your documents and information prematurely.

As a member, you can specify up to 20 friends or family members, each of whom will be given the power to access your wishes when the time is right. For each person you identify, you can specify exactly what specific information they can access, such as:

  • your funeral wishes
  • sending final messages that you have prewritten to your family or friends
  • enabling a permanent web page that you have created about your life
  • the contents of your Last Will and Testament
  • health care directives contained in your Living Will, if you are unable to communicate them yourself
  • your Power of Attorney document, which contains directions about the handling of your finances if you are incapacitated
  • the important files and documents that you uploaded to your Vault

The Keyholder® system includes specific security mechanisms which protect the secure integrity of your information and prevent unauthorized premature access to your documents and services.  These mechanisms are fully customizable by you.


Here's how it works:

Step 1:  You create your documents using the MyFuneral, MyVault, MyMessages, MyWill, MyPowerOfAttorney and other services, and grant at least one close friend or family member to have future access to these documents.

The documents are encrypted by the Keyholder® security system, stored on the secure server, and paper copies can also be printed.

Step 2:  The individuals you specified are notified of their responsibilities and given a secure ID to be used for accessing your documents at the appropriate time.

If you wish, you can also send each of these people their secure ID printed onto a plastic wallet card for safe keeping.

Step 3:  You can continue to make unlimited updates to your documents on the server.
Step 4:  When you become mentally incapacitated or pass away, your designated individuals request to access your documents on the server.

To prevent premature access to your documents, the Keyholder® security system sends an automatic notification to your email address, explaining who is attempting to access your documents.

Step 5:  If you do not respond to the notification within a period of time specified by you, then the Keyholder® security system decrypts your documents and makes them accessible by your designated friends or family members.