Norene Bini
In Loving Memory
Born:January 31, 1948
Lago Colony, Aruba
Died:November 6, 2008
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
The beautiful and talented little Norene Bini, will remain forever in our hearts. Norene, Rene, Reenie... always maintained an endless positive outlook no matter what was thrown her way. Everyone who knew our sweet 'Reenie Beanie' adored HER! She touched so many lives. She always focused on 'the good' in EVERYONE. The list of wonderful words to describe our beloved Norene could never fit this space.
Norene grew up in Aruba but over the years lived in Venezuela, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Miami, and Tampa to name a few. Ocean or waterfront was always must do! She gladly settled in Miami Beach,Florida.
She loved the biz!(the entertainment industry)She was a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild)and V.A.S.T.A (Voice and Speech Trainers Association). She worked as a dialect/voice coach teaching students and actors. She was fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian. Able to easily perform and teach a wide range of American, English and foreign accents. She also enjoyed making commercials and voice overs. Although she was a certified USF grad, English teacher, she so ENJOYED her play on 'made up' words and nicknames.
Norene was so proud to have been married to George Geiger, who remained her close friend and confidant for many years. Norene's second marriage was to her 'handsome' Italian dreamboat, Romano Bini. Romano passed away in July 2008.
Norene enjoyed cooking, gourmet foods, wines, dance(especially ballet), the arts, and travel. Europe was her favorite!
She absolutely loved her very special kitty, Belinda. She cherished ALL her best loved friends, cousin KK, Susie Cooper, April Kelly, Pat, Diana, Dana, Delana and Dolly. She adored her 2 brothers Gene and Bobby as well as her favorite nieces and nephews Robby, Michael, Gerene and Gina. Of course we all had nick names.
She appreciated the simplest things. Always taking care to be thoughtful and clever, choosing special gifts, cards or words that were JUST right to make others feel special and loved.
Norene studied and had faith in Christian Science. She loved being a reader for church.
Although we lost our sweet sweet auntie, best friend, best cousin, best sister, great teacher, voice coach, insightful advisor ~~~WAY TOO SOON~~~ she is probably relaxing on deck of some fab. cruise ship, sipping a Kir Royale, (George adds she's probably thinking about the late dinner seating)...and but of course wondering what the heck all this fuss could POSSIBLY be about!

Hoping all who view this and knew her, will find strength to add and share.

We will miss her forever.

A "Celebration of Life Party" in my sweet Aunt Reenie's honor, will be held on Dec. 7th from 12-4p in Dunedin, FL.
Anyone who wishes to attend my contact Gina Amaral @


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Baby Rene
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High School Grad
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 Personal Notes

Aunt Norene was one of a kind. She's the aunt you told all your secrets to, the one you want to share the best news with and whose positive attitude you wanted to have. We shared a love of reading, jewelry, shopping, and was not only an aunt but one of my closest friends. The world is a little less happy now, but heaven got a whole lot brighter. We have such an angel on our watch. I love you Aunt Norene, always.
Added by Gerene

Although my time with Aunt Reenie was brief in the aspect of her life. In addition to her outer beauty, Aunt Reenie's inner beauty really shined through. Her heart was immense and the room illuminated by her mere presence. I am very blessed to have known Aunt Reenie and I am certain she will remain in the hearts of those who loved her ...
Added by Andrew Amaral

I found a friend in Rene 43 years ago when she walked into a high school French class in Tampa. In the years since - with all the changes in our lives, our locations, our circumstances - our friendship only became stronger. Through the years, we talked and planned and studied together. We sang together, partied together, even got into mischief together (regretting it later of course!). We shared each other's joys and supported each other through some tough times. We'd solve our problems and ramble through the riches of our memories in 2 hour phone calls - we laughed a lot. Rene was sweet, spicy, funny and caring, and I will remember her with love. That she's gone is devastating but that she was - and is - my friend is truly a blessing.
Added by Dolly Williams

We will all miss Norene greatly. She was the youngest of us three kids in the Keesler family and the only girl. I used to protect her when she got in a fight with brother Bob as we were 10 years apart in age. I taught Norene how to ride a bicycle, how to play catch with a softball and how to do algebra. I joined the military and was stationed in the Philippines, so I missed her wedding. I was very proud of her that she finished her formal education and became so fluent in many languages. She also got into the acting field and made several commercials that were shown on television. She impressed and influenced many others that knew her. I pray that she is resting in peace now, but we wish she had stayed a little longer.
Added by Gene B. Keesler, Brother
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