Dr. Lawrence Raymond Fleischer
In Loving Memory
Born:October 11, 1945
Long Island, New York
Died:November 1, 2009
Burbank, CA


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Lawrence Raymond Fleischer, 64, born October 11, 1945 in Long Island, NY, to Deaf parents, Samuel and Rita Hamel Fleischer, died suddenly November 1, 2009 of a heart attack at St. Joseph's Hospital, in Burbank, CA on his return from the ASLTA Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

He is survived by his wife, Vera (Pedersen) and one son, Flann Fleischer, both of Granada Hills, CA; one daughter, Flavia S. Fleischer, granddaughter, Ryssa B. Fleischer and son-in-law, Will Garrow all of Orem, UT; and two brothers, Michael Fleischer of New York City and Gerald Fleischer of Long Island.

He was a tenured professor and Chair of the Department of Deaf Studies at California State University, Northridge, He was a long-time leader and driving force in the academic disciplines of American Sign Language and deaf studies.

He had spent a good part of his life providing the dynamic leadership needed to restructure and change many organizations to keep up with the times and needs of the Deaf Community.

He was secretary, then president of the Farwest Athletic Association of the Deaf, Chairman of the Restructure Committee of the AAAD from 1986 to 1990 and President of the American Athletic Association of the Deaf, now known as USA Deaf Sports Federation, from 1989 to 1997; and was re-elected again in 2007, a position he held at the time of his death.

Under his guidance, tutelage and leadership, the AAAD became an umbrella organization of 17 different national sports organizations which make up the framework and family of the present day USADSF. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Deaf Sports Foundation, established in 2007.

He attended the NY School for the Deaf (Fanwood); then received his bachelor's degree from Gallaudet University, his masters degree from CSUN and his doctor of education degree in educational administration from Brigham Young University in 1975, then joined the CSUN faculty soon afterward.

He taught mathematics at Gallaudet University from 1967 to 1970 and was also a member of the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees from October 2007 to October 2009.

He had additional extensive experience serving other organizations that benefit deaf people, including as president of the Council on Education of the Deaf, president of the American Sign Language Teachers Association(ASLTA), and member of the National Certification Board of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. He was also an author of books and magazine articles, and a film producer on topics related to American Sign Language and deaf culture. He served on the Sorenson Consumer Policy Board for the past 3 years.

He was a selfless, goal-oriented leader who had devoted all of his adult life towards the betterment of Deaf people, Deaf sports and Deaf Education. He had always worked quietly behind the scenes and was not one to seek the limelight. He believed that every individual’s contributions in any organization are important, and he actively included and empowered others so that the end result was a joint effort.

Larry will always be remembered for his quiet demeanor, his calm in the midst of chaos, his steadfast work ethic, his honesty, integrity and intense focus on his goals.

In accordance with his wishes, there will be no funeral. A memorial is tentatively scheduled for January 23, 2010 at CSUN.

A foundation is being established by the family in his memory. Details will be announced.

Above photo courtesy of CSUN.


Fleischer Family.jpg
The Fleischer Family
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LRF Fanwood 1963.jpg
Larry 1963 Fanwood
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Fanwood 1963 President of Gen Org
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Fanwood Officers 1963
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 Personal Notes

Larry was a wonderful friend & mentor to me. I will always be grateful for the times we shared and the lessons learned as we pursued that still-elusive goal of full funding from USOC for the US Team to the Deaflympics.

With his parting, I am reminded of the preciousness of life and how short it is. It is so sad that the past year was such a tragedy for him and his family. We will always love and remember you, Larry.

It will be up to the rest of us to carry out his legacies for Deaf sports and for the Deaf Community. With a heavy heart,

Added by Shirley

We lost a real champion and a real friend in Larry as deaf advocacy, general welfare of deafness, deaf pursuit of happiness, deaf rights, etc. as well as all walk in our Deaf American and International Sports. Larry is very well-known and well-respected locally, statewide, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We will honor our champion, colleague, and friend, Dr. Lawrence R. Fleischer affectionately known as Larry in our coming 65th Annual Men's and 22nd Annual Women's Regional Basketball Tournament on Friday, March 5th, 2010 from 8 AM to 8 PM and Saturday, March 6th, 2010 from 8 AM to 5 PM in Las Vegas, NV at Doolittle Community Center; 1950 North J Street, Corner of "J" & West Lake Mead Blvd.; Las Vegas, NV 89106. Larry was our past FAAD, AAAD, and USADSF President.

Knowing Larry for 46 years when we first met at Gallaudet University during 1963 Preparatory Orientation Week, I believe Larry is still busily doing many errands in other universe.

Very sincerely yours

Added by Mark Alan Corson

Dr. Lawrence Fleischer was outstanding for his persistant patience for anyone less qualified or/and more different than himself. I assisted him with his Deaf Studies courses and Deaf Community activities volunteerly for 12 years. Thank him for softening me enough to convert me from military-style life outlook into diplomatic approach of dealing with other people's various views different than mine and showing me how to keep my assertive beliefs in gentle, polite approach. His creative ideas of how to adapt my brainstromed, out-of-box-thinking ideas or unrelated materials for different educational purposes, into his ASL teaching application and approaches were what I won't forget and surely will carry out into my future ASL teaching.

May God surely bless everyone who knew him in any degree with appreciation including his family members and relatives. May Dr. Lawrence Fleischer rest in peace infinitely. Amen,

Added by Pearl Swan Youth

I have known Larry for 23 years since 1986 when I became involved in the organization of SIGN (its name changed to ASLTA) and attended CSUN in 1991. Larry was one of my valuable role models. I admire his leadership to push ASL to have recognition and respect. He and his examples will always be remembered.
Added by Keith Cagle
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