Joyce Elayne Schmatt
In Loving Memory - Spirtual Warrior
Born:April 3, 1943
Stockton, California
Died:December 27, 2004
Los Lunas, NM
Spirtual Warrior. Devoted Mother, Wife, Friend and devoted Christian. Always there for others and willing to do anything for others even though her physical body was failing dramatically over the years. Very devoted to educating childern and others in Gods glory and showed that God knows how to have fun. Every day lived for the word of God. Spent her life devoted to the Lord and practicing the teachings of our Lord and Savior. Author of Whippersnappers and God is Love and God is Fun paper to help educate Children and others. Wonderful teacher to all and an outstanding role to others on how to live life. Always Prayed for others and was willing to do anything to help others in need. She put others needs before hers.



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 Personal Notes

Will be missed tremendously here on earth by everyone who's lives she had touched and known throughout her life. Though her body had failed her mind was very sharp and was concerned about others till the end.
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Joyce...what a wonderful lady. We always enjoyed so much talking with her on our visits to the church in Albuquerque. She always had a smile and a hug to greet us. A very special lady, indeed.
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My Sister in Christ Jesus, Joyce, always was a prayer warrior. Joyce would usually greet me first when we saw each other. She is a jewel in Gods crown of true believers. I admired here zeal to teach children in Sabbath school. We shall see each other again in the first resurrection.
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A love for flowers,
You could always get a smile from Joyce when talking about the beauty of flowers that God created. Two of her favorites were Iris, and mums.
the holdays were always special to Joyce, and the
church would make sure that she got special flowers. A love for flowers--a love for people.
Our dear sister Joyce.

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