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Died:July 19, 1982
Srinagar, Kashmir

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I remember very little of my father as he died a little over a month after my sixth birthday. Life has never been a bliss as it was when he was alive. The bliss was not because of the comforts bestowed by him but his very virtues of quiesce and gentleness which entered our lives and radiated through a life of happiness and peace. My faint memories of him are of a loving, warm and indulgent father with beautiful expressive eyes. A look at my sister who has inherited the same eyes, a look at my nephew who was born on the same day as him exactly 20 yrs after his death, conjures images of an affectionate warm man staring intently at me with a loving  gaze.
A man who was loved and popular among all, so loved that even god wanted him up in heaven.

A Tribute

Blessings and Fortunes,
Shadows cast of loved ones,
Who rest above,
and look below,
tears which fall down as rain,
when miseries befall!
a gentle breeze when they stand by us,
the warm sun when they touch upon us,
the hope in god............
a providence from his very abode.

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