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Born:December 30, 1975
Los Angelas, California
Died:November 11, 2004
Temecula, California

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David spent his life pleasing the needs of other people including His family, his wife, and his co workers.  He never had any friends that he knew about, yet there were so many people blessed to be in his life.  There was one person in his life that he never realized how much of an impact he had on them.  His wife, Therese.  She is partially sighted, yet still looked at him in amazement.  David was born with one arm, and throughout his life, he was never really treated like an independent person.  His family treated him like he was totally incapable of doing anything on his own.  He had been told over and over through out his life, “Dave you’re never going to make anything out of yourself.  You have one arm, and nobody’s going to want to hire you.”  His dad would say to him in a stern voice.  David could never stand up for himself.

David committing suicide, I guess was his way of standing up for what he believed in. he believed that since the world wasn’t treating him fairly, that he needed to take action. Him not knowing (due to lack of support from family, and lack of having friends) he did the only thing he could do. Unfortunately he succeeded. I’m here to tell you that David had lots of friends. So many people liked and respected him for the person he was. He was such a fun, caring, passionate, and inspirational person. He could light up a room with just one smile. And I know that when he just looked at Therese, he made her heart melt.

David, you will be greatly missed by Therese (me) and all of your family, friends, and all of those who’s lives you touched with just one smile. We all love you, and don’t you EVER forget it.

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