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Born:February 9, 1947
Peoria, Illinois
Died:February 23, 2005
Miami, Florida
Duane L. Hensley, 58, of Boca Raton, passed away Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at North Shore Medical Center in Miami, Florida due to severe health complications. 

Duane was born in Peoria, Illinois February 9, 1947 and is survived by his mother, Lucile Ellis of Peoria, IL; his sister Joyce Cazelle of Gap, PA; and close family friends June W. Amaral & Andrew W. Amaral previously of Boca Raton, FL.

Duane's leadership qualities enabled him to succeed in many opportunities including several top hotel management positions. He was also a great asset to the Boca Pointe community for 10 years, recognized as the Most Valuable President of Villa Del Sol and the Boca Pointe Homeowner's Association.

Duane was cremated at Baird-Case Funeral Home in Tamarac, Florida. His remains were sent to his final resting place with his mother Lucile, in Peoria, Illinois.
June and Duane.jpg
Best of Friends - June & Duane
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mom Duane lap.jpg
Toddy Time!
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Duane gets a Birthday Kiss
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Duane 18yrs.jpg
18 yrs old
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Little Duane.jpg
Little Duane
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
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Most Valuable HOA President
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Personal Notes

Thank you Duane for just being there, setting examples, good and bad, and for being a good friend. You were there to teach me how to drive, how to iron, how to cook, how to balance my checkbook, and how to bail your ass out of jail from time to time. You were my friend and I will miss you.
Added by Andrew

i've always been impressed by june and andrew's life-long friendship with duane. i really feel like his presence in their home helped shape him into an extra-cool person, a loyal friend, and in the long run, probably a better father to AJ. that third photo of duane and june laughing really says it all.

so to duane: rest in peace, brothah. you are quite obviously loved and missed!

Added by scott upper

Duane was my friend, my best friend. We relied on each other and shared many things together for many years. His passing has left a great emptiness in my life, but his living gave me great comfort and pleasure.
Added by June Amaral

I have many happy memories of Duane. The great lunches & dinners he would prepare for Andrew & I after long days on the boat & beach. The laughs, jokes & stories he told while staying up late, watching a movie & having a few drinks. The unofficial days off from school & how he would cover for me with my mom. Simple lessons of manerism, respect, & the ability to resolve problems gently and kindly. Helping me put on a tuxedo for the first time. Thank you Duane for the Times, Lessons, & Friendship.
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