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Born:August 16, 1917
Telok Anslem, Perak
Died:September 16, 2004
Temiang, Seremban (Home)

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Written by Deborah Sta Maria
Read by Gerrard Sta Maria

We are gathered here today, to celebrate the life of a very EXCEPTIONAL LADY. A Lady that epitomised the word LOVE, a Lady that cared whole Heartedly, a Lady that Gave, Never hoping for anything in return. A Lady that was a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and most of all, a LOVING friend.

Maude lived her life DEVOTED to her Family, Friends and especially GOD. The very fact that so many has gathered here today is testament to her life’s work of REACHING out and TOUCHING us with her WARMTH, KINDNESS, SELFLESSNESS and PIETY. She has left us with a Heritage that is EMBEDDED in my heart as well as yours.

My mother was a very strong woman, RAISING 9 children single handedly and watching them blossom into what we are today…No words can describe the SACRIFICES that was made by this beautiful Lady. Her radiance will shine in our hearts like a beacon that will always remain.

My dear friends, I ask you this… Do not forget what she stood for, what she taught us, what she showed us. Her life is an EXAMPLE of what a true MOTHER, FRIEND and CHRISTIAN should be… We will indeed miss her JOVIAL laughter, her WITTINESS and her knack of making you feel welcome, no matter who you are. Don’t mourn her passing but celebrate it as she had led a full and hearty life.

Mummy, we love you , we miss you and we will always remember you for your devotion and sacrifices. You have left us but our heats are filled with the love you were kind enough to share with us. A love that we will carry and pass on through the generations.

In other words, you are always ALIVE in our hearts, our souls and in everything we do. We love you and hope to see you in Heaven.
Nanny & Debbie
Added by Debbie Sta Maria
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Personal Notes

Dear Nan,

You were an inspiration, an angel of joy and happiness. May God let his love shine upon you and we will see you in Heaven.
I love you.


Added by Jeremy Fidelis
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