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Born:April 2, 1943
Hunton West Vg.
Died:Gainesville Fl

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This is in memory of our mom and wife Patsy Rehberg,
oh mom's life was always base on singing for the Lord and taking care of her family and when ever you would go to her house you always see her on the porch rocking and singing.I know she was very close to aunt Dorse and they always sit for hours talking about the how the day was or something.I can remember mommy and daddy taking us girls to church and i always sat on mommy's lap.When mom got sick and she got worse,It was hard to see her that way because we always seen her with a smile on her face and was not mom.when she had her heart attack that was a bomb to all of us and when the doc came out and said that she would make it through the night it almost killed me to here that,But God gave mom to us for 2 weeks,one week she was in a coma and one week she was able to talk to us wanting to go home and being mom again in a way,then i remeber july 26 mom had another heart attack and slept into a coma and then she went to be with the Lord on the 27th of july at 5:30 pm she was had friends and loved one with with her all the time.I know mom is in a better place no more suger and high blood presure and strokes and heart attackes and the preasure of this world around her. mom we miss u so much and daddy miss sitting on the porch with you and Aunt Dorse miss calling you in the morining and afternoon.Your in heaven singing with sis Sue and Brother Ham and talking with her sis Aunt JoAnn,mom is singing while James plays for her like they always do.We love you mom and miss you we will see you again in heaven someday

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mom you are home before the roses will bloom again
Added by kathy

i miss you nanna and love you very much
Added by caleb

i love you mom miss you very much i know that one day we will be together in heaven, we will all be together with our Lord and saver jesus christ until we meet i will always miss you and i will always remeber you because you are my mom
Added by love your daughter robin otero
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