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Born:March 10, 1964
Kansas City MO.
Died:August 9, 2003
Joplin MO.

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How would have Jeff wanted to be remembered??

Jeff would want to be remembered for the life he lived and for the one person that made his life worth living... Our son Joseph Dylan Pryor made his life complete and anyone that knew Jeff knew Dylan and knew that they were inseparable and that is still true now that Jeff is not here in person.... Jeff had many friends and he is missed by all and I know he misses them... Jeff loved to watch the K.C. Chiefs play football, he died wearing his favorite jersey... That is something him and dylan did together as was burning CD's, they mowed yards together and played music together... I know that Dylan misses his dad more than words can ever say and he thinks of him everyday because i think of him if not everyday then every other day and i am just now getting where i can talk about him without crying..... What i remeber about jeff is how the day dylan was born how he could not wait to hold him for the first time he was so proud to be a daddy to that little boy which is becoming a young man before my eyes and he makes me very proud everyday and i now have to be mom and dad to him because i am all he has left. JEFF YOU ARE LOVED AND MISSED EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!

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Personal Notes

Jeff it still hurts to talk about you not being here to watch our baby boy grow into a young man and he looks so much like you it makes my heart hurt that you are not going to be here when he graduates high school, graduates college, grows into a man, gets married, and has his babies... I just want you to know that one on the boys will be named after you that will be my tribute to you as dylan's dad... YOU ARE MISSED EVERYDAY AND YOU ARE IN MY THOUGHTS WE WILL MEET AGAIN ONE DAY TILL THEN XOXOXO
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