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Born:March 29, 1974
Boise, Idaho
Died:March 29, 2005
Boise, Idaho

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Pamela Ann Barron was born March 29, 1974 in Boise, Idaho weighing 6 lbs, 8 ounces and 56 inches long.  She was an inquisitive child who divided her time between playing outside in rural Idaho and watching Kung Fu movies training to be the next Bruce Lee.  Pam was an exceptional student throughout her academic career.  She was on the honor roll during her 6th grade year which coincidentally was the same year she was potty trained.    

Pam graduated from Centennial High School in Meridian, Idaho in 1992 in the top 95% of her class. She then enrolled at the University of Idaho where she initially majored in African American studies. After one semester in the program, she found her true calling, and changed her major to Under Water Basket Weaving. The beautifully woven baskets she created during her early college years were sold to the finest museums and private collectors of under water art in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately, her short career as a master basket weaver was tragically cut short when she lost both thumbs in a helicopter skiing accident. Just as she was exiting the helicopter she gave the pilot two thumbs up, way up.

After the accident, she returned to the University of Idaho and initally pursued a degree in Mathematics. However, because of her missing thumbs she had trouble counting higher than eight and therefore switched her major to biology. In 1996, Pam graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Palm Reading.

Pam returned to her roots in Boise after leaving Moscow. She spent her first year out of college working in Garden City. Pam was always quiet about this year and what kind of work she did in Garden City. Those that loved her only knew that she was careful to make sure she got paid up front and in cash.

She spent the next several years working her way up the corporate ladder in the pharmacuetical industry. She started her research career at a reputable and distinguished firm known as Pacific Coast Clinical Coordinators. While at PC3 she discovered her life's passion, monitoring clinical trials. She jump started her monitoring career by moving to Phoenix International which was subsequently swallowed whole by MDS Pharma Services. Pam went on to pursue more distinguished and lucrative positions at PPD Development and Inveresk. Pam had recently begun working as a member of the K-Force/Amgen alliance. Her recent position provided her with the freedom and opportunity to be the best monitor possible. They were even supportive when she told them that she would only monitor for them if allowed to where her Wonder Woman cape and interrogate investigators with her lasso of truth.

Pam's vibrant, full life abruptly ended on Tuesday March 29th, in a tragic bikini waxing accident. The details of her death remain unknown at this time and the circumstances surrounding it may never be revealed. All we know is that she went in for a Brazilian and never returned.

Pam is survived by her father Charles Lee Barron of Fairfield, mother Ann Barron of Boise, brothers Lloyd and Christopher, her dog Vinta and 36 feral cats. A memorial service will be held at the Kuna VFW. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in Pam's name to the National Foundation for Bikini Waxing Awareness.

Pam will always be remembered for her caring heart, beautiful smile and bizarre fear of midgets and carnival workers.
Pam and her brother Kit
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Pam's favorite four legged friend, Vinta
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Personal Notes

I first met Princess Pammie, as she was known to her gentlemen callers, when we were both working in Garden City at the corner of State Street and Veteran's Parkway. In 1996, all of the working girls in our part of town had gotten gonorrhea from an Irish Rugby team that was in town for a scrimmage. She shared the penicillin she received from the free clinic with all of the girls. It truly spoke to the kind of working girl Pammie was. We will miss her on State Street!
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