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Born:May 11, 1954
Died:October 31, 1990

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Do you remember? Can you go back? See all the good things he did, and the way he was. He was an awesome person we could all learn from. The way he would help anyone out, the way he made you laugh. He was great. Not famous, not a celebrity in the public eye, but one who will always be seen that way in our thoughts, memories and hearts forever.

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Personal Notes

I remember scratching his back with a comb from his back pocket for at least 20 minutes before we could get a yes or no answer out of him.
I remember bologna and chip sandwiches and cottage cheese with Fritos. He liked the night-owl movies and coca-cola. And he liked Daisies.

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He loved his family more than he loved himself. Kindness was his trademark, and sugar bear was the nickname bestowed upon him by friends he held dear. The man I thought was a giant had a heart to match his physical stature. He was special to us all, and it goes to show, God only takes the best. I am at peace within, knowing I will see him again in another, better place.
Added by mom

I remember... bike rides that always ended with a candy bar and a can of pop, watching Mr. Rogers neighborhood, and when we would ask him something when he was sleeping if we could do something the answer was almost always yes. He liked to sing the really high parts of whatever song was on. He liked the cartoon Bobby's World. There are so many things about him to remember. There is no way to I could list them all here.
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