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Born:November 9, 1962
Toronto, Canada
Died:March 27, 2005
Santa Clarita, California

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Simple words would describe Anton the best…
His loves; Me, his animals(our kids), his friends… one knew Dear Anton quite like me. His passion for me and the ones he loved was endless. He was the perfect man and now the perfect soul.
Who he was.. his creative sensitivity for things. He released his passion working in the film industry. Through the many commercials and films he was involved in, you couldn’t help but see he was indeed a craftsman with a brilliant way. Most of all, he treasured all the unique friendships that developed within the film industry, moreso the sense of family that grew and readily embraced him. Anton's biggest recognition was being one of the puppets on the Foster Farms comercials. We had great laughs with Bob and Tom. "The Chickens"
… to see him with a woodworking magazine, creating something with his machinists mind, watching him become such a boy in his fascination with gears or a hiking magazine was just a given…
He was spiritual in a quiet way; he loved the wind and rain, to see him smile when a bird made a nest in the yard… to swear at the squirrels that constantly invaded the cactus… with an undercurrent of the real humor surrounding the situation. The most amazing thing I loved about him was his love for animals. He appreciated every living breed.
His humor… unique and quirky to him… made it so you couldn’t help but smile… That's what I fell in love with. His off the wall, dry sense of humor was the one and only for me.
Whoever got to know the genuine Anton, couldn’t help but grow to love him.
His Animals; the cats were his kids… his sweet, love for them was undeniable and so sincere.
I love him; He loved me… together we discovered California, Long Drives to nowhere in particular, smiling, laughing…. Sharing our love for the rain, a cactus bloom, a clear starry night, or the buzzards that came to visit… I would be here forever describing what we both shared about eachother, about life. My line with was
"it's just you and me".
these memories are indeed sweet.
I will miss you forever Anton, you were my man and you always will be. Please know that.
I wish I was able to help you, I guess I did but it wasn't enough. I love you Anton. I'm sorry I wasn't able to save you. You saved me honey.
You will always be my Roman Knight and my mum's "Jesu"
Love forever your Sporkie MJ,

Antons birthday.jpg

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Anton and I having fun.jpg
Anton and I having a great time
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My Beautiful  Anton.jpg
Anton on his birthday
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beautiful Anton in TO.jpg
Anton in Toronto
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Mum Stel and Anton.jpg
Mum Stel and Anton
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Personal Notes

My dear friend, I miss you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know you are watching over us and listening to us when we talk to you. I hope you know what an impact you have made in my life and all the incredible memories we shared together.
Until We Meet Again My Friend

"I Said Posse"

Added by Enrique (Kike')

Anton I hope you found your happiness. I'm sorry it wasn't here with me. I understand, I really do. People ask me if I'm angry....I'm not angry, just lonely and sad. My heart is broken. I love you forever, MJ your Sporkie
Added by MJ

Sweet Anton
I will never forget Christmas day of 1996 when I first met you. Mom kept proudly saying how much you looked like Jesus. When the door bell rang I opened it and there you were, holding a bottle of white wine in each hand, the name of the wine was Far Niente. The first thing I said was "Oh my god! you do look like Jesus"
I love you so much and I pray you help me deal with this pain of losing you. You were a beautiful soul. I LOVE YOU and miss you.

Added by your favorite sister in law Stella

To my Roman Knight,
I miss you so much Anton. It's been almost 6 weeks and I don't know how I've made it this long without you. I miss our laughter, even our arguments. I hope you can hear me telling you how much I miss you and love you so much.
Anton please continue your visits. You have touched everyone so much. Please know how much we all love you.

Added by Sporkie (MJ)

This was added by a very personal friend.
Kike Thank you.

Added by MJ

Your Birthday Anton...Nov 9/62
It was wierd not having you around for your birthday. I know you really didn't like celebrating your day but you were in our thoughts and I hope you are ok.
love forever

Added by MJ

Dearest Anton
it wil be your birthday next week November 9th. PLEASE visit me and let me know you are okay. I love you and miss you so much. I always remember the times I would call you from the freeway because I was lost or something, and I can still remember your voice when you would say "Stella, it's Okay relax, where are you"
I miss you Anton and I still feel lost more than ever. Please help me find my way.
Love you and miss you

Added by Your sister n law Stella

My dear, dear Anton...
Today is your 44th birthday... and my heart is heavy. You are in my heart and soul forever...every minute that goes by.
I know you never liked to celebrate your birthday but celebrated it just to make your sporkie happy.
I love you always and please know I so tried.
Happy Birthday Anton my Roman Knight
MJ your sporkie 4 ever

Added by MJ
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