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Born:June 12, 2002
Phoenix, Arizona
Died:September 2, 2003
Phoenix, Arizona

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Memories of Monti

• Knocking over the water class in the bathroom and the living room by sticking his paw in.
• Sitting on the counter in the bathroom waiting for me to be done with my shower and sometimes sneeking between the inner and outer curtain to be nearer to me
• Following me to bed at night and laying on the comforter.
• Laying on my shirt in his last few days in the corner of the bedroom
• Following me around all day when I was home from laying on the desk in the office to following me to the kitchen very time I got a drink
• Rubbing his nose against mine when I got close to him and feeling his soft whiskers.
• His loud almost broken sounding purr…….
• Biting me the last day I ever saw him because I was taking him to the vet and his nose sticking through the box.
• Grabbing on to the door post when we tried to take him after he was feeling better.
• Sitting on the California ceilings and looking down on us.
• Laying on top of the green couch
• Meowwing EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………. When I got the food ready for him in the morning.
• Following me to the kitchen in the morning even if he had food left and watching me fill his dish.
• Laying near us in his dieing days. Not to close just close enough to hear are voices
• The way mandi use to throw him up in the air and then have him land on the bed and flinch his back and look around like woah!!
• The way he always flinched his back in that weird way.
• Kissing his nose and petting him on his last day
• Laying under the covers when he was young and burrowing around.
• Biting my leg playfully after I got out of the shower
• When he was young after he had been declawed and we accidentally put his bandages on to tight smacking me in the middle of the night with his giant paw.
• The way he use to burrow in on the desk and tyoe things on the computer accidentally and kick the mouse like it had come in his way.
• The way he used to love playing with straws.
• How sometimes if you were drinking a drink with a straw he would come and steal it while you weren’t looking and the way he batted them around uner the rugs.

• I loved Monti very much and I shall miss him always.
Monti bear 1.JPG

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