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Born:February 18, 1932
Montgomery Co, Kentucky
Died:September 6, 2003
Shouse Ford Campground, Lake DeGray, Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Dad was large in personality as he was in stature, with a voice to match.  Pity his neighbors, as the walls shook with his gargantuan sneezes and renditions of his favorite songs such as "Kansas City, Here I Come", "You Get a Line, I'll Get a Pole" and favorite yelling phrases such as "Guff that ball!!" and "NEROoooooooooo".  Accounts of his life's memories were always exciting too.  Whether the tales were of "coon hunting" in Kentucky, "working on his parents tobacco/dairy farm", or "trying to fly from the top of a barn with buzzard wings", you knew his stories would leave you chuckling and asking for more.  He always made his presence known, and there are few who came into contact with him that do not have a lasting memory of his unique personality.
Camping and fishing were two of his greatest pleasures. He was never happier then when he was camping down on Lake Degray at Shouse Ford. Other regular camp people knew of his penchant for night "crappie" fishing and his regaling of fishin' and life stories. He was also an avid birdwatcher. Not only did he construct several purple martin houses to lure those birds to, he would sit on the front porch watching them soar and nest. He also enjoyed playing pool and watching his favorite televison shows; "Andy Griffith; Gunsmoke; Honeymooners; Touched By An Angel; PBR Rodeo and 'boxing' bouts". He was known to eat strange concoctions. One well known breakfast meal was a bowl of Cheerios with buttermilk and added pork-n-beans stirred in for extra flavor. Home grown tomatoes, watermelons, Almond Joys and strawberry ice cream were just a few of his favorite treats. He also had a love for card games. You could find him playing "Farkle; Skip-bo; Rook; and Canasta" with family and friends. For him, the fun was not in winning but in playing. One of the things he never parted with even when his health made it impossible for him to smoke was his "old-faithful".....his pipe. He would jokingly ask those around him, "Did you hear it? Can you hear it? The pipe is calling me". He would leave the room and in a few minutes return with pipe in hand, smiling.
Due to his ability and cleverness to "fix" things, Dad made hardships seem amost minor. He had a knack for all things. He could deal with electrical, plumbing and construction maintenance. The home he built is a testimony to that. He made those impossible tasks seem possible.
He never thought much of what others thought of him because he felt only accountable to God. Dad always believed himself to be a man that was mentally and spiritually poor. To his family and friends, he will be rememberd as a Husband, a Dad, a PoPo and a Friend that was rich in both love and spirit.
We will cry, laugh and rejoice over his death because we know everything is done in the Lords timing and that September 06, 2003 was the FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF HIS LIFE.
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Just HOW GOOD is his aim???
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The Trio: Brad.....Scott.....Mom
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"I finally got shed of the last girl !!"
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Monkey see, Monkey do......(Dad with good friend Jackie Battles)
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Personal Notes

I enjoyed being around Dad....playing cards, listening to his jokes, and pigging out on watermelon. Although I have only known him for less than a year, a relationship was developed; first as a son-in-law and then as friends. I will remember his generosity for he would gladly give you his last dollar if he felt you were in need. He was also willing to take time to teach me about basic home maintenance and encourage me in my life endeavors. He will be missed.
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Even though we had to part,Dad is still in my mind as well as my heart; In God's hands he now is placed,I thank the Lord for His saving grace.
A sense of humor, love, honesty, and generosity are only a few attributes of his that I will forever remember. Share in this small song he would sing to me: "You're the end of the rainbow, that I adore. You're mommies bright and shining star. You're sugar, you're spice, you're everything nice and you're DADDY's little girl."

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My Dad

Oponionated and Gruff
Loving and kind
He shaped the world
That I call mine

Huntin and Fishin
Hoein the weeds
Dad tried to fullfill
All my needs

Honest and True
A Godly man
Who can say that of their Dad?
I Can!

Stories and Songs
We heard every Day
His love and humor
Eased our way

Joy and Pain
Now tears will fall
For the Lord has called
My Dad home

Memories and Love
Reside in me
For the man that I call
My Daddy

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