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Born:March 31, 1970
Niagara Falls, NY
Died:April 5, 2005
North Tonawanda, NY
Michael always used to tell me that he was almost a joke because he was born the day before April Fool's Day. I used to laugh when he'd say that but the sad thing is that he really believed he was a joke. He struggled with depression almost all his life. He was a very warm, loving, caring, funny and compassionate person. He was also a US ARMY veteran. He became a father in 1992 to a beautiful little girl. Then again in 1996 to a handsome little boy whom bears his name. His first marriage ended in divorce and shortly after that was when I came into the picture. We met online on Oct. 3, 1998 and became engaged on Dec. 17, 1999 then married October 28, 2000. Our whole time together wasn't blissful, but there was no doubt that we loved each other. He was a wonderful father to his children and to my son (from a previous relationship). Michael was the only Dad my son ever knew. They were best friends. Michael lost his 2 children to the family court system in 2001. That was the beginning of his demise. Michael was bi-polar and wouldn't seek the appropriate treatment. He'd be very depressed then he'd get out of it. But with every set back it was like the end of the world for him. This last year, I thought was one his best one's since we've been together. He graduated with Honors from ITT CNS program. Developed his first professional website for the company I work. But then a family crisis took place and that was it. He couldn't handle it and on April 5, 2005 he borrowed a 16-ga shotgun and put it to his chest and pulled the trigger. He died instantly. Our 10yr old son, David came home from school and found him dead on the couch. I was at work. Michael was such a wonderful man and I know he wasn't himself that day, nor was he thinking clearly because he would NEVER do that intentionally to David nor put us through this agony.

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A song I dedicated to Mike...I hope he found his peace tonight!
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