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Born:November 12, 1998
Died:September 7, 2003

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Sadie was one of eight reindeer (she was vixen in a litter of eight pups who were named after the reindeer). She came to us when we lived in Scottsville NY and followed us to Rochester where we now live. She died of a prolasped disc which would have left her paralyzed; we elected to have her put to sleep rather than have her suffer through an unsure surgery and horrific rehab. She was a very loving and expressionate dog and it has left us feeling as if we lost a family member. Sadie definately was a family member and will be sorely missed. I am finding myself turning at every corner to see if she is there as everything in this house reminds me of her. I think that I hear her tags gingling every now and then. I walk in the park at Ellison with out her and I can feel her essence everywhere. I'll always remember the way you would walk in the mud and water even when I tried to stop you because the clay in the Irondiquoit stream always made you smell and I would have wash you in the tub because it smelled so much. I miss her. When she was put to sleep I held her head in my left hand as she went to sleep; telling her I loved her. She died looking into my eyes and she had placed her left paw over my right arm arm. She died peacefully. I am grieving terribly and cannot believe the feelings I am having. I really miss you Sadie and I want this memorial to serve as a reminder to you of how much I love you. Good bye sweet dog, you served Jenn and I well.

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