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Born:January 1, 1991
SLC, Utah
Died:August 5, 2003
Meas, AZ

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I had thought about getting a dog after loosing my Lasho Apso 2 years before, but was still dragging my feet.  I told myself if a Bassett mix, and only a female became available I would go take a look. 
My Lahso was a boy and I adored him, but in his 15 years he still was not fully house broken, so I thought if, I ever were to get another dog it would be a girl.
Well, there was an ad for 9 Bassett mix puppies.
It was a Friday and I just couldn't make myself go. Then Saturday I called and 6 were left, but again I stayed away.
Finally on Monday morning I told myself if when I called any puppies were left I would take that as a sign that it was meant to be and go get her.
Guess what, there was one little girl left.
I went and she became my special little girl. She was raised by our cats and thought she was a cat. She was only 4 weeks old when we got her and I truly believe she thought I was her mom. I know I think of her as my little girl.
She was as all mom's think, perfect.
She would dance around in circles when she was happy and come and throw her balls at our feet when she wanted to play.
When she ate her dinner she would start at the outside and eat all around until there was just a little circle left in the middle.
She thought she was the boss of the cats and if they were to claw on the furniture, she would bark at them and make them quit and then go and check all the furniture as if she knew all the snags they had made.
When we would leave her in the car for just a few minutes when we would run into a store, and of course we would lock the car and it was never in hot or cold weather, she would actually get in the drivers seat and honk the horn.
She was always so funny.
She went everywhere with us, and in her 12 1/2 years we were never apart except for the 12th and 13th of August of this year when she had to go to the emergency hospital.
Her illness came on so suddenly and I never thought of life without our little Emily.
When it became apparent she would not get better from her kidney failure and the pain was so severe we had her sent to heaven. I never thought I would do this to a loved one, but it was a one way street.
You died in my arms my sweet baby. I will never stop loving you and missing you.
I know what a broken heart is now.
I want you to be happy and without pain and to know I will always love you.
When I cross the Rainbow Bridge I will look for you my Baby.

Until we Meet Again Emily....

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