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Born:December 22, 1981
Died:July 13, 2005

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It is really difficult to write about someone special at times like this. We are trying hard to come to terms with Ayim's death, but it all seemed impossible. As hard as it is to write about Ayim at such difficult times, we will try our best to write a little something here....

Ayim was someone who had a really good sense of humour and he had that mischeivious grin everytime he does something funny. But yet at the same time, he was a very sensitive person and was aware of people's thoughts and feelings even though we try to hide it. That is the magic that Ayim possessed, and he would always try to cheer them up with the natural charm that he has always have in him. I was very close to Ayim for most of the time that i knew him (6 years of friendship) and he has regarded me as his best chinese friend. I have to admit that it was his charm, wit and humour that brought me very close to Ayim. We would share late night phone conversations telling about our personal and band problems. There was never a dull moment talking to him on the phone, be it bad or good times.

Unfortunately during last year, everyone in Raspatul was busy as hell with our own commitments, and so we had less time to hang out with each other. But all of us made sure we tried to meet up in some way or another. Jamming sessions were the best time to meet up but the time was always too short to have any proper conversations. Most of the conversations in the studio were evolved around the music, and not much about our personal lives. I felt really guilty for not having to know much more about Ayim in the last few months of his life. Like we always do, we take everything for granted. This is something that I am going to regret for the rest of my life.

Ayim had a great ear for good songwriting. He was always the one who comes up with something unique but still fits the style of Raspatul. We remembered he used to say it's easy to replace him, because he is just a vocalist. But to us, Ayim is the very heart and soul of Raspatul and without him in the band, Raspatul would just be an ordinary band.

So we say to you our dear brother Ayim, you will and have always been the greatest vocalist ever. Just hang in there brother, we will see you soon.
Rest In Peace Bro...
Added by Anonymous
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Ibrahim.. a guy i have noe since i was in primary school. a nice guy who always like to make fun of ppl and the lepak kaki since we were 15.A great vocalist, i have seen him improving since day one of Raspatul.May Allah Accept him in the best manner,may Allah Gives him company, keeps his heart fixed and free of fear amin,reward him with Graciouseness for his good deeds and with forgiveness for his bad deeds ameen

Added by Sham Black

emoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.


Added by Rashid

semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.


Added by Rashid

Known him about 10 years... Get close to him when we went to gig and lepak at sham black's house... I feel the lost of one great friend... The underground scene have lost one of the best vocalist around... May Allah place his soul in His paradise... Amin.
Added by Firdaus

Ayim Raspatul... I've known him as long as i've known Sham. He was always fun to be with. He has this certain charm that goes around with him. Something about him tells u that you'll never get bored if u're around him. I regret not visiting him while he was hospital. For that would have been the last time i'm gonna see him alive. The night i received the news was devastating, ive never lost a friend before. And to think of it his number is still residing in my phonebook. Rest in peace my friend.
Added by Anonymous

hmm,its sad to noe that someone who is so young,so cheerful,so talented has to leave this world behind & be wit the Almighty God Allah.he's a funny guy,a nice guy,with that cheeky smile or grin on his face wen he disturbed me,wish i cld have known him better but Allah loves him more than anyone..The memories of Ayim will remain in the heart..esp Raspatul members.For Ayim,semoga Allah mencucuri rahmatmu & menempatkanmu di tempat org2 yang disayangiNYA.
Added by fikir

only after he passed away that i knew that he was my cousin.. when we were young, we used to play together as my mom told me. i hope god bless his soul.
Added by Anonymous

Ayim is sum1 very special 2 me.He calls me "kecik".He always tell me tat he'll wait 4 me & will not give up until he sees me on a pelamin. But nw,he's gone juz like tat.He was suppose 2 come & collect a cd from me but he never did make it 2 my place.The cd is the last memory tat he left me wif.Dun even get 2 pass it 2 him.Nw I cant even hear his irritating voice.used 2 lepak together till early in morn.May Allah bless him.May he be wif the angels.-Amin-
Added by Sri "Kecik"
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