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Born:July 26, 1919
New York City
Died:June 24, 2005
Fairfax, CA

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Fairfax CA.

On June 24th, Bernard Heitman 85, died peacefully and serenely surrounded by his family in his son's home.

He was born in New York City but during his early childhood his family moved to Spring Valley, New York where he lived for the major part of his life.

Bernard (Bard), after being a medic in World War II, did research work for Lederle Laboratories in the 1950s and then decided to devote his life to teaching and helping young people.

He taught science in Spring Valley High School, Kakiat Junior High School and Rockland Community College. In 1990 he and his wife moved to Scarsdale where he tutored children and teenagers with reading and math problems for as long as his health permitted. He is survived and cruelly missed by his son Fred, his daughter Laura, his wife June, his granddaughter Genny, his daughter in law Mary and his sister Ethel as well as by many close friends and relatives, Sid, Rhoda, Cathy, Dan, Micah, Stephen, Norman, Aaron and Larry among others.

Profoundly egalitarian, he had equal respect for the homeless drifter and the Nobel Prize winner. He participated in many varied science related activities such as archeological digs and ranger work in Bear Mountain. He was above all a humanist and a nature lover who was always available for his students whether for class related subjects or personal problems with which they needed help.

A memorial service and private funeral took place in CA during the week after his death. Donations may be made in his name to "God's love we Deliver".
Bard and parents picnic2 001.jpg
Family Picnic circa 1923
Added by Laura

Family picnic at the lake circa 1952.JPG
Family Picnic at the lake circa 1953
Added by Laura

Heitman parents hiver 2001.bmp
June and Bard New Year's Eve 2001
Added by Laura

Genny  June Mary and Bard 1983.JPG
Genny, June, Mary and Bard 1983
Added by Laura

Bard father and son 1988.JPG
Father and Son 1988
Added by Laura

Best K9 friend.jpg
Bard's best K9 friend
Added by Larry Ben Henni
Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Joe Heitman in front of the Roxy Barber Shop 1942.jpg
"Grandpa" Joe Heitman in front of the Roxy Barber Shop 1942
Added by Laura

June and Bard in uniform corrected.JPG
June and Bard reunited after WWII
Added by Laura

June and Bard Chic couple.JPG
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North of China Strait in the Solomon Sea 1943.JPG
During the war
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Wedding Picture August 23 1941.JPG
August 23, 1941
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Shanks Village 1948.jpg
Winter 48 - 49 in Shanks Village, Orangburg, NY
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Personal Notes

Mr. Heitman, you taught me how to read when I was in 7th grade when my reading level was that of a second grader. . Later in life I learned that I suffered from dyslexia but no one knew about that in those days. I owe you so much.
Added by a student

In junior high I went through a rebellious period, hanging out with questionable people and flirting with trouble. Bard Heitman saw this but he didn't confront me or report me. Instead he asked a close friend to talk to me about the company I kept. I was smart enough even in this rebellious period to appreciate how Bard handled the situation. He treated me with respect and gave me the option to do better without embarrassing me. That’s a small example of how understated and fair he was.
Added by A former student at Kakiat

Dear June, Fred and Laura.

As I read Bard's obituary in the Journal New this morning, I thought about the old days and pleasnat conversations and discussions

Bard will always be remembered as a sweet soft person, a wonderful teacher and an all-around nice guy. I am sure he will be missed.

I particularly remember Bard with a rapt group of childern at Alan Weinflash's Bar Mitzvah explainng the exclipse that was occuring


Added by Marian Schwartz

Bard was warm, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and curious. I was so impressed when I saw him recently. At 85, he’d taught himself everything there was to know about the internet. Clearly, learning was such pleasure. That day he was welcoming, as always, curious & thoughtful, asking about our lives & sharing thoughts about his own, the world & anything else that came up. It was wonderful to spend time with him & with June too before she & Bard moved to California. I treasure it.
Added by Emma Gardner

Mr.Heitman was the most talented teacher. He had a true gift for rapport with kids. He taught me to respect nature way before it was "pc" to do so and more important, he taught me how to think in a logical way and not get carried away off on a tangent. My deepest condolences to Mrs. Heitman, Fred and Laurel.
Added by L. Stern

You leave all of us, I'm sure, with tender memories. I do have mine. One thing I remember is Bard helping me with a car problem on an unbearably hot day. All done kindly and with understanding--bearing up with my fears, concerns, etc. I enjoyed time spent with you and June and I loved you.
Added by Leah

Dear Mr. Heitman (wherever you are)
You were the best science teacher and even when I was in college studying chemistry and biology I never met a professor who knew as much as you.
We had so much fun in your class but you left without leaving me the recipe (only known by you) for fried gafrobies. My deepest sympathy to your family and close friends.

Added by Mike C. Nyack ,NY

Mr. Heiman,
I can't believe I found your web site wit pitures of you by accident while I was looking on the internet.
Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I hope you remember me because you changed my whole life.
I told my children about you and I now have a new grand-daughter and She's going to hear about you too because you changed my whole life. I feel so strong that you are here with me as I write this to try to thank you.

Added by Rosie Cadera (ex-Cruz) NYC
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