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Born:July 12, 1945
Baltimore, Maryland
Died:June 30, 2005
Staunton, Virginia

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My mom was the strongest, bravest person in the world.  She gave alot more than she got, but yet she never complained.  I cannot ever remember a time in my 30 years that she has not been there for me, or whoever needed her.  She left behind many broken hearts and dreams and plans, but I know she no longer hurts, and she is in the best of hands.  I am lost without my mom, she was my best friend and gave me the strength, courage and wisdom to live my life and take care of my family.  Somehow, we all must go on and live our lives just like she would want us to.  I cry for her every day, as we all do, but i feel her strength inside of me, trying to tell me to pull myself together, and that is what we all must find in ourselves.  i love you mom, with all my heart.  Thank you for loving me enough to make me the person I am.  I only pray I am half the mother and wife she was.......

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Mom was great.I do not ever rememberMom being meanor spanking mehardly punishing me.I had some of the best times of my life with herwhich makes this so hard to understand why she was taken away from this world too soonI was not done yet.I still need my mom.i pray for strength and courage to face every day,andiget that by knowing mom is not in painshe will always be with us watchingusprotecting us.She was my best friendI will miss her every dayof my lifeI love youmom
Added by Angie

mymaw was the best, and she played ball better than my mom, and i miss her so much, it hurts inside alot. i wish she was still here, but since she is not, i am glad she is with God, cause he will take care of her and protect her. i know that she has no more pain or suffering, but i still miss her alot. I LOVE YOU MAW! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME!
Added by Dylan

Maw was a great person, a mom, grandma, even to those not of her blood, wife, and future great-grandma. I think she would want us to be happy right now. She won’t be in pain any longer; she is free. No more sickness, back pain, no more surgeries. But it’s ok to cry; I’ve done my share and then some. I’m sure there are others who have cried more than I have. It shows no weakness, but compassion.
Added by Alyshia

In our tears let the wonderful memories of her flow with them. Times like when the electricity cuts off and she tells instead of cooking the hotdogs on the stove we can put them in the microwave.I told her she would never live that down. No one is ever really ready for these situations, no one could ever be fully prepared, but I think she is happy now.
We will always love and remember our Maw

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