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Born:January 19, 1976
New York
Died:February 20, 2001
New York

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Ismael, My one and only true love..

What can I say about him... He was a very loving person. He would light up a room and make everyone laught. He had a lot of dreams and hoped that one day he would make it big. He loved sports and cars. He was caring and understanding(most of the times). He made my life complete. He was my life, my world, the air the I breathed.

I loved him and still love him with a passion and the love I have for him will never go away.....

Forever is what we always said...
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Personal Notes

he was my father... i didn't even meet him before i was even born.... he will always live forever. my mom made this page and now i am going to finish this page for her. Kareem Thomas should pay for what he did to my father.
Added by Ismael Marzan's Daughter
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