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Born:November 21, 1935
Anderson, SC
Died:December 21, 2001

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Janice Powell was a loving and devoted wife, mother & grandmother. July 13,2005 Ed & Janice Powell celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with Our Heavenly Father,family and friends in Heaven. She was always there for her family. She was the back bone of the family. A mother seems to specialize in doing thoughtful deeds,Before you ask she understands your problem and your needs.Quietly she does her best to help, inspire and cheer,And everything looks brighter right away because she's near.She always has a lot to do but still finds time to spare,To listen and to give advice because she really cares.She helps because she wants to, she finds joy in being kind,And making others happy is the first thing on her mind.She makes this world a better place by practicing the art,Of reaching out to others and by giving from the heart. 

I've Seen an Angel

"You say you've seen an angel?"
My friend asked me today.
Without a hesitation, "Yes,
I have seen one," I say.

He said, "What does she look like?
Is there a halo and some wings?"
"No," I replied quickly,
"She doesn't have those things."

"She does have, the warmest smile,
And is loving like no other.
I ought to know," I said,
"For this angel, is my mother."

For as long as I can remember...
You were always by my side,
To give me support, confidence and help.

For as long as I can remember...
You were always the person I looked up to,
So strong, so sensitive, so pretty.

For as long as I can remember...
You always provided stability within our family,
Full of laughter, full of tears, full of love.

For as long as I can remember...
And still today,
You are everything a mother should be.

Whatever I have become is because of you...
...and I thank you forever for our relationship.

What is a Grandmother
A grandmother is a remarkable woman.
She's a wonderful combination of
warmth and kindness, laughter and love.
She overlooks our faults, encourages our dreams,
and praises our every success.

A grandmother has the wisdom of a teacher,
the sincerity of a true friend, and the
tenderness of a mother.
She's someone we admire, respect and
Love very much.
A grandmother will always have a cherished
place in our memories and in our hearts.
She's someone for whom we want every happiness
in return for the joy she always brings.

A grandmother is all the dear and precious
things in life...
When she's a grandmother like Janice Powell.

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Personal Notes

We will always miss the wonderful person she was, but we know that she is always watching over us.
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