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Died:October 12, 2002

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I would like to say this about my mother..She was a fun loving lady who always had a spark in her eyes a zest for life you could say,I think she needed that to raise 5 daughters,For we were not always perfect! She made cakes and did crafts for a living took a floral class,but she would always put on paper that she was a domestic house wife
She was a true artist in all that she did and became,as a wife a mother,sister,aunt & freind to all. Elaine had so many children and not just the ones she raised,she always took in strays who ever was in need for a home she opened up her heart and would let them in.She never had a driver license,but could take you anywere for her heart was filled with the love of her family.She was married 44 years before God took her away from us suddenly.Her marriage was her faith for she belived in it so. She grew up poor but died rich for she had the love of the world in her hands as a mother and a grandmother to 1 granddaughter & 6 grandsons
She could whistle so wonderfully,she would do it while painting or reading the newspaper in the morning.Elaine was a catholic and dearly loved and prayed to Our Lady all the time. She loved to watch her craft shows,work out side in her flower beds,she loved to have a good time and her family was so important to her.She started having a family reunion in 1974 and we still have it today because of what she started many years ago,She always belived in family and and wanted to keep us altogether and did a fine job of it .
I want to close this by a poem I wrote for her ..
Autum Rain
You can feel it in the air,you can see it in the sky I look back and I sigh.. There are changes in the leaves all the colors so bright. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer,and I find myself remembering you.
The smell of autum in the air will always bring me back to thinking of you.It has been a hard and long road to travel on many times feeling all alone,but somehow you have showed me that your not that far away,and I thank you for giving me these things tohelp comfort my soul. So many changes so many times I would sit up all night crying wanting you back
even for a moment perhaps to say..I'm sorry for I didn't get to do or have that last moment to say I love you..
A year has gone by now Mom and all our lives has changed.
You were theone we sought shelter out of the Autumn rain.
Now the rain just pours down upon our face as we try to wipe it dry our heart starts pouring more and missing what we once had.. Our Mother..Our friend ..Our Life!!
I pray for this for you today..May you be wrapped in his ever loving grace,and may your soul be free now for we know we all need to move on and continue your life thru us.
As the children grow and we become older may you always be at our side .When God call's us home you are the one we want to see eye to eye.Be at our side if you must,but be at peace. For we know Mom if it was your choice you would have never left us on an Autum day.
Personal Notes

I will always remember you being there for me mom when I didn't think I could do the things in life you always stood right next to my side !
Thanks for giving me life and showing me how to use it I will forever hold our memories close .
Love Rosie

Added by Cyndi franckhauser
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