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Born:July 25, 1943
Queens, New York
Died:August 26, 2005
Charlotte, North Carolina

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Our Dad, he loved Jesus so much. With what the world would consider a bad start, with his Dad's passing at an early age, and his Mom, unable to cope, leaving him - Daddy joined the Navy at 17. He was determined to make something of himself, and that he did. Dad and Mom Adrienne married in 1965 - bearing all four of us, Dina (1965) Lisa (1967) Christine (1969) and Danielle (1976). After eight years in the Navy, they settled in Brooklyn, then Staten Island. Moving to Long Island when we were in elementary school, he worked full time at his uncles TV repair shop, and went to school at night eventually completing his Masters Degree, and becoming Sr Vice Predident and Director of a major advertising agency in NYC.  With a Madison Ave and Park Ave Office, he made a nice life for his family. When he gave his life to the Lord, his new found beliefs and convictions, conflicted with the sometimes "shady" duties his company insisted he carry out.  They eventually let him go for his stance, but Daddy was smart, and had plenty of "proof" on Disk should they not give him the pension/severance and benefits he wanted. 

When he first fell ill, he had what they called "LETHAL" high blood pressure. The doctors could not believe he was still alive, but we know that the Lord had other plans at the time. He made it out of the hospital, with his kidneys in a weakened state, and eventually he went into total renal failure and had to be placed on dialysis.

But, through it all, Daddy leaned on the Lord for strength and comfort. After many many years of struggling financially in NY, they finally were able to sell that house, and move to their dream home in Charlotte NC, to be with us, their children and grandchildren.

With the financial burden over, and the hope of some happy years ahead, we only had Dad here with us for 5 short months. However, during that time, he attending church with is, and praised and danced before the Lord, no matter how bad he felt physically. He was an inspiration to all of us, and started out every day with an e-mail to his children to say he loved us, and to Praise the Lord that day.

We miss him so very much, but we have the blessed assurance from our Lord and Savior Jesus and Our Heavenly Father that one day, we will all be reunited again.

Praise the name of the Lord.

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