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Died:August 6, 2005
Maitland Bridge

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Bradley Paul Gates was 19 years old when he died on Aug,6,05. His step mom sent him to pick up his step sister in a Caledonia apartment. When he got there a fight begian. Aaron Keniith Zink stabed Brad in the stomach then his friends ran up and got him into the car they rushed him to the hospital but ran out of gas near Maitland Bridge (the middle of Caledonia and South Milford) where Brad passed away at about 11:30pm. His friends, girlfriend, sister, dad and step mom where in the car with him. I miss Brad so much I love him forever, he'll always be in my heart. the last thing he said to me was at our prom he said "well I gotta go but ill talk to you later" and he taped my shoulder. He didnt talk to me later becuase hes gone.
Brad- "you'll see" "what,where,when,why,how,maybe,yes,no,maybe, if you want, if your ready..." (things we'd always say)
Personal Notes

I love you so much, i alays have and never will stop. ill miss you so much and i really hope to see you in heaven.
Added by Anonymous

Brad was a great guy, I was suppose to have a BBQ with him on the weekend that he died. He even asked me to come with him to go get his sister. Brad and I worked together at the call center in the Digby N.S area. I told him to be careful because them people are crazy down in Bridgewater area. Brad insured me that he would be back on the weekend. I never got a call from him that weekend. I went to work on Monday and they pulled me into the HR department and told me what had happened. I thought he died in a car accident as he had just got his new car. Then they told me what they new about him being stabbed. It's been a few years now Brad and I want you to know that I still remember you. I know the reason you went to get your young sister and I feel like you were done a miss just-is. I will see you when I pass and maybe we can have that BBQ.
Added by Jason
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