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Born:May 31, 1971
Died:November 2, 2004
Shands Hospital,Jacksonville, Fla.

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Rohdonda is remebered by her family. The daughter of Dorothy,Freddie,and Elaine. She was the baby sister to Evelyn Jean, Sherry, Donna Kay, Bonnie, Rhonda, and Dustin. She was the mother of Tyler and Jennifer. She had more friends than anyone could count. Rohdonda was an out-spoken person and an awesome daughter,sister,mother, and friend. She was always willing to help the next person. You could always count on her. Rohdonda loved roosters and sunflowers. She is missed terribly by everyone. If you wanted an opinion about something and wanted the truth, don't ask Rohdonda, cause she was going to give it to you like it was. She held nothing back from anyone. She always struggled but she made it. Now she is in Heaven and is one of God's Angels. When the wind blows and you see a butterfly, it's Rohdonda giving you butterfly kisses.WE all love you Rohdonda.

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I know you love them dogs!
Added by Evelyn Jean
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Rohdonda we all love you!
Mama, Daddy,Elaine, Jennifer, Tyler,Evelyn Jean,Sherry,Donna Kay,Bonnie,Rhonda,Dustin, Nieces and Nephews, and you friends!

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rohdonda i really miss you baby i wish i could hold you in my arms and tell you how much i love you it does't seem right with you gone but i will see you again one day and hold my baby once again love you
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Merry Christmas, baby sister! I love you and miss you. We all know that you will be with us even though we can't see you. We think about and talk with you daily. I know that you will be holding daddy's hand as he goes though his surgery. I love you Donda!
Added by Evelyn Jean

I know that you are having a time up there in Heaven! Those beautiful cities, streets of gold and I'm sure you are driving that white escalade around. I am doing all that I can to do the right thing to work for God so that when my time comes I will be there with you.Thanks for Keeping a hand on Brian and Devin when they had their accident and as they go through life. I know that you were their on Brian's graduation and his first day at college.
Added by I love you! Evelyn Jean

Hey Donda!
Sure do miss you! Been a while since I've been on here to talk with you. That doesn't mean that I don't miss you or that I have stopped loving you because I haven't! Been a lot of changes going on in the family but I guess that you know all that. I am still working everyday to do the best that I can so that I can be with you and Jesus soon!

Added by I Love You! Jean
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