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Born:December 30, 1950
Died:November 8, 2005
St. Louis,Missouri

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Jimmy,my brother,God took you away to soon.We are broken
hearted since your loss.God was kind he did not let you suffer,nor linger in pain.I was with you until the end and
I know you knew that.You were ready to go home,and be with
our Dad,and God granted your wish.I guess we should look at
your passing,differently.No one can hurt you anymore,they
pretty well did that before you left.You were a kind,happy,
fun loving,giving,sharing brother,and son.Mom will be alright as I promised you.I took good care of you.I was suprised at the funeral about the letter you wrote.You finally had the last word,when you said to the ones who
had told you you would die a lonely old man were wrong,you
were not lonely,and was not old.They got the message.It gives some of your kids and others,a chance to live,and think about what they said and how they treated you.I am sure they will get it someday.God has a special angel now,
so until we meet again,I Love You and will always carry a special place in my heart for you.
Your Loving Sister Viv

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I hope this page will be visited alot
Added by Your Sister Viv

You were truly an Angel,who lifted me up when I was down.It is the little things that mean alot.
Added by Sophie
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