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Born:December 7, 1976
Houston, Texas
Died:December 25, 2004
Houston, Texas

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William "Bill" Hyer:
Born December 7, 1976, to Melinda and Bill Hyer of Houston, Texas. Grew up in Houston until his sister, Melissa was born in May of 1981. Bill's father got a job working in Bryanm Texas at St. Joseph Hospital, so the family moved to College Station. Two years later the last of the Hyer children was born, Virginia. The Hyer family had been made complete. Growing up over the years, Bill played sports, T-Ball, Baseball, and Soccer. Bill's dad was his soccer coach, and Bill's mom was his Cub Scouts leader. Bill was very active as a child. During his years in Highschool he was on the highschool football team, band team, playing the Tuba. Upon graduating he began his road to what many did not see coming. At the Age of 25, Bill became a Born-Again-Christian, and began furthering his knowledge as a Christian reading numerous books, The Left-Behind Series, Case for Christ Series, he was quiet fond of Billy Graham and his readings. In 2002, the Hyer family went to the Brazos Festival Guest Speaker was Franklin Graham, at that time Bill was so amazed and touched by the words of Franklin that he began reading more as days went by. Later in the year, our family was able to go and hear the remarkable words of Billy Graham, the whole family was very eager to hear about. Bill's mission in life was to become a Minister, and his main passion was to bring others to Christ. In the Spring of 2003, Bill was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer and had multiple surgeries, and went through Kemo-therepy to try to go into remission and recover. But on December 25, 2004, Bill Hyer passed away from cancer. When he went on Christ's Birthday, his family knew that he was in no pain and what a better day to go then to be there for Christ's Birth. Bill will always be remembered for his humor, caring heart, Very Christian Background and knowledge, the love he had for his family. He loved watching the Houston Rockets, the Tennessee Titans on t.v., watching Fox News Channe. Days before his death he was not worried about himself making it to Heaven, he wanted to be reassured that he would see his family members again someday.
Bill Coming Home.jpg
Thie is a picture of Jesus Christ, Hugging and Welcoming Bill Home.
Added by Virginia
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Personal Notes

I created this website in Bill's honor, representing the memory that will never cease. I love and Miss Bill with all of my heart, and I know that One day I will see him. The greatest memories I have of Bill are when we would race to get the Newspaper in the morning's, or him asking me to run to the store for him lol.. home.

Added by Virginia

My greatest memory is December 13, 2005, when he left C/S to go to Houston for treatement, I not knowing that he would not return home, He told me " That he loved me and would see me when he got home." Well to this day I know he loves me and he went to a different home but I know that one day I will be there with him at his new
Added by Virginia
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