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Born:April 3, 2005
Florence, South Carolina
Died:April 3, 2005
Florence, South Carolina

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Our beautiful baby girl was born at 8:15 am on Sunday, April 3rd 2005 and died at 10:25 am the same morning. She weighed 416 grams and was 10 3/4 inches long and only 22 weeks gestation. She was perfectly formed but very thin and frail. She hadn't had a chance yet to gain body fat.Her daddy and I both held her and tried to make the most of what little time we had with her. Phillip, my husband and Lainey's daddy was so wonderful with her. After I delivered her, the nurses suctioned her nose which bruised because her skin was so very paper thin . They told us they could not do anything for her and we offered what the hospital referred to a "hospice care". That meant to provide Lainey with the most comfort we could give her as she died. Her tiny lungs were just so undeveloped that there was nothing the medical staff could do for her and it was best for us to have every moment possible with her to say hello and good bye. Our time spent with Lainey was far too brief but I am so thankful that God gave us what he did. She was alive and breathing as best she could and we did get to meet her and tell her how much we loved her and how all her family loved her and how very precious she was to us. As a family we will always remember Lainey as our Little Angel and she will be in our hearts forever. I think a part of each of us will be with Lainey always because she stole our hearts through my pregnacy, her birth and then her death. At the same time our grief for her is so overwhelming it seems too much to bear. Those same hearts that she stole are about to break from wanting to understand why she can't be with us today. Let thy will be done- is what I keep telling myself, that keeps me grounded, even though at times I am selffish and I begrudge that. Love Always - Your Mommy

Dear Lainey-
Even though we never met
you really broke my heart
because the day that you arrived
was the day that you'd depart.
This is Uncle Marty talkin'
but I'm just your uncle in pretend
see me & your Dad are 1st cousins,
but he's really my best friend.
We've been thru up & downs
& life has thrown us curves,
but nothin has ever hit us
as hard as April 3rd.
Your Mom did all she could
& founght right up til the end-
she's a wonderful person
who nurtures 3 beautiful kids.
You've got a Great family, Lainey
with a whole lotta love
Your Grandparents,Aunts & Uncles
they all send you HUGS.
So, it's Goodbye for now-
but you're gonna be just fine,
Cause your babysitter is JESUS
and he's the King of all Mankind.
So when you're walkin' thru Heaven
be proud of who you are
cause you're Lainey Shea Douglas
Our Tiny Shining Star.

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we loved you before you ever arrived, we will continue to love you 4 ever. you live on in our hearts where we carry you closely. we pray for your family daily to have strength til the time comes to join together again. when we're asked about our grandchildren, we say 'we have 4 here and 1 in Heaven', and some day we will meet face to face. love grandbee & pappy
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