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Born:March 28, 1961
Saginaw, Michigan
Died:December 23, 2005
Beverly Hills, California

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Born in 1961, it was always known that our Chummy had some special talents. In kindergarten he took an IQ test and made an outstanding, definately above-average score for his age. He picked up the piano mainly on his own but then began taking lessons. He had mastered "In the Mood" by age 8, playing with both hands and with the pedals. He strived for perfection, was always smiling and cheering you on, and was never tired of listening to others. At age 19 he moved to Paris, France. He was making a whopping $100,000.00 a week there, but he sure deserved it. He worked around the clock continuously as an arranger, composer, and of course pianist, in many different jazz and swing bands there. He was definitely "livin' it up," as he liked to put it. There in Paris, he spent some of his most memorable and enjoyable years. He attended college in New York, lived there for about nine years, and then moved to the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California area. Wherever he went, he brought smiles to peoples' faces, life to the party, and music to the world. His goal in life was to make known not himself, but to make well-known once again Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. He was a very unselfish person. He spent his time loving, giving, and caring. Chummy always saw and brought out the good in others. He offered hope to those feeling hopeless, happiness to those feeling sad, and himself to those feeling hurt and alone. When diagnosed with brain tumors in late March of 2005, he often told those around them to "cheer up. It's not so bad after all. Things are gonna be just fine no matter what." He was a man of great faith. Like everyone, he sometimes had his doubts, but in the long run, he always had faith, hope, and definately love.
After receiving the news that he was terminally ill, Chummy definitely had his bouts with severe depression and anxiety. However, he always said he was not afraid of dying, but only afraid of not being here to take care of us, and afraid of what would happen to his body after he passed away.
On December 16, Chummy finished his chemotherapy treatments and we headed back home to his place, where he began hospice home care. One week later, on December 23, 2005, at 3:28 AM PT, Chummy took his last breath here on Earth, and became cancer-free and pain-free. It was not a last breath of defeat, or one of sadness, but rather one of victory and of happiness to be up in Heaven now. He may have lost his battle here on Earth, but won the ultimate prize of being up in Heaven with the Lord. No matter what happened, he still would have won.
Chummy, you will be missed always. There's no way to even begin to say how devastated we are without you here. No one to talk to, to laugh with, to watch TV with, to get online with, or even to tease! Life has been bland lately. You told me that you'd always be with me, so I'm trying to make the best of things. Without being able to see you and all it's really hard, though. I really miss your smile, as I miss everything else about you. It's really hard to cheer up these days.
We love you very much and will never forget you.
Tell everyone up there "hi" for us.
~Your Folks- Don, Joey, Glenn, Maddie, Molly, Sarah, and Will

Written by "Glenny Boy," as you called me. Remember? ;-)

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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Londonderry Air.mid

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Lets Misbehave.m3u

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In the Mood Glenn.m3u

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Circle of Life Elton John.m3u

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Personal Notes

Hey there. Missing you lots and lots already, Chummy. We love you a lot. Watch over us and all like you promised you would, OK?
Love you Chumster,
Joey, Glenn, Will, Don, Sarah, Maddie, Molly, Laci, and Chummy, Jr., (Laci and Chummy, Jr. give you lots of slobbery puppy kisses!) and ALL your little half-pint nieces and nephews ;-)

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Hey Chummy,

Missing you big time :-(

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Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!


Added by Chummy Jr. :-(

We miss u Uncle Chummy!!!!!! xoxoxoxox
we love u a lot and are really sad without you!!! :'(
ps- We woulda given you some flowers but we know u aren't a big fan of flowers ;-)

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Hey Chumster! Jerry + Linda here. We miss you and can't wait to see you again. Not sure when it will be but until then, stay by our side! Love you bud!
Added by "Jer" and Linda

Just stopping in to say how much we miss and have missed your playing and your company. Band practices and performances are fun, but we're definitely missing a big chunk of all that fun without you around. You're up playing in Heaven with the real Glenn Miller Orchestra now, though, with all the greats. WE MISS YOU!!!!
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I miss you pal! Now not only is Paris less fun without you, but the whole world is!!
I still remember our last drink before you left back to the US. I miss the good ole days!
Au revoir.

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Hey Chummy, this is Glenn writing to you. I am really missing you a lot. No one here can express how sad they are and how much they miss you. It's really hard without you here. Life's boring and tough. Nothing means much to me anymore. I know you're a lot better off up there, but I really wish you were still down here with us. You didn't get your miracle cure we all had hoped for, but we all got our miracle. And our miracle was you!
We love you and miss you so much!!

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