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Born:January 9, 2004
Cincinnati, Ohio
Died:July 23, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Kaylee Ann Schnurr was the precious 18 month old daughter of 20 year old Marigrace Schnurr of Ohio. By all accounts, she was a "...happy little girl running around with pigtails, chasing after her cousins."

Kaylee died July 23, 2005, the victim of a rape and beating.

How many more Kaylee Schnurr's must there be before we act against childhood sexual assault & abuse, and against sexual assault as a whole? I pray we wake up soon

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Personal Notes

Kaylee, i no i was not your real daddy, but the time that i helped raise you, you became my daughter...i love you so much baby...happy birthday...daddy misses you
Added by J


I heard your story on Kelseyspurpose.org, another site site for a beautiful little girl that was taken by us by a caregiver's hands. I know that Kelsey is with you and both of you are happy and playing together in heaven. I don't know your family but I know that you are loved and missed. Be happy now sweet angel.

Added by Misty - Chandler, Oklahoma Kelseyspurpose member

kaylee you were such a beautiful girl. i found your memorial website through kelseys purpose and she died of abuse too. i know that you have met her. she is so sweet!
Added by Samantha Pollock from kelseys purpose

I am so saddened by what happened to you. Your mommy was very brave at the funeral. She didn't want to leave your side. I think your grandmom will need her angelbaby to visit her often because she is also devistated. It broke all of our hearts the day you went away. I have posted your story everywhere to bring awareness. May you rest in peace little one.
Added by Melissa Marshall
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