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Born:January 23, 1945
Norridgewock Maine
Died:July 27, 2005
Portland Maine

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Linwood was a hard worker,father to everyone his life was only making sure everyone had what they needed and was happy.. If they wasent he'd tride to figure out what he could possibly do. He always made sure His family and loved ones where ok.
Linwood worked for a tree company for many years owned by his Brother George Adams. Linwood Also worked at Falmouth High school in the custodial department.
He was and still is the heart of the family, generous man who opened his home to anyone who needed it.
He was funny He could find humer in anything, make anyone smile, and he loved to be with his family who meant everything to him. He made new friends wherever he went.
he loved cooking,fishing,music, and hunting. and most of all, helping others. He made a lasting impression with anyone he met. He was a kid at heart he wasen't just a dad or a grandfather and a great person he was also everyones best friend.
His family may not of always been the best they could be. And went through problems and dealing with life styles they had to get out of. But no matter how much stress or pain was put upon him.And the dissapointments of family and loved ones,Linwood always found a way to still love them with all his heart and make his life to help them...
His wife was his bestfriend together they had six children.
He was everything to everyone Even if people hiddin by promblems didn't show it... The emptyness in our hearts the stabbing pain of his loss will carry on thru us forever because when god took him he also left a big hole in everyones heart.. But Now Linwood lives with god where he belongs because hes def a true angel who belongs in the most beutiful place on earth for such a kind man that deserves to be happy
Dad and his fish he was so proud of
Added by manda

dad and mom bestfriends 4 eva
Added by manda

dad liked to play with the kids try 2 scare them or anyone ha ha
Added by manda

dad Being silly sick but trying 2 act like hes not
Added by manda

dont ask me ha ha
Added by Manda
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I thought you had to make everything better because you always did so I expected you to everytime... And im sorry for that Ive grown up sence But im glad your in a better place. Im sorry I have dissapointed you in the past but I promise from here on I will be there for mom as I promised you and not let anything happen to her no matter what love and miss you rest in peice ur with the angels now
Added by manda

I love and miss you dad you are my world and everything to me
Added by manda

I miss you sooo much Daddy Linwood... You were the best next 2 dad I could ever had have, & also were a grandfather to my daughter. One of the greatest men I'll ever know. I thank you for everything you did for my daughter & I. You meant everything to both of us, and you will always have a very special place in our <3heart<3. Love & miss you terribly, Jessica & Liana.
Added by Jessica & Liana

Grampy you are our knight in shining armor. You always were a protector of all of us. You kept us happy and very knowledgable to the fact that you cared and loved us very much. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont think of you. It's hard to not be able to have you with me, give you a kiss on the cheek, hug you, or say "bye gramp, see you tommorow." But just know you're always in my heart and mind. And I know there will be a day where I'll see you again. Rest In Peace. Again, I love you.
Added by Brittanny

Grampy i miss u so much!I wish i could ride in the car with u just one more tme to wall*mart and hear u sing.Its not the same anymore.Ilove and misss u sooooooooooooooooo.........much!R.I.P Grampy I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!

Added by Brandi

Throughout the years, you've always been a wonderful man, you see, when I was small you took the time to bounce me on your knee.
As I grew older you were there I only had to call, I knew that I could count on you, you'd never let me fall.
So many hard times in my life you've helped to get me through!Thank You Grampy!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Added by Anonymous

Added by JESS & LIANA

Dad, I miss you very much. Emily misses you also. She always blowing kissing up in the air, and looking up to see if you are there. I am thinking of you always and on you birthday I stratch some tickets for you because I know you love to do that and always say to me when you lose, you say Cindy you got me losers. I am still doing what you wanted me to do so dont worried. I love you dad.

Added by from you daughter cindy
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