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Born:January 15, 1987
Philadelphia, PA
Died:September 9, 2002
Lancaster, SC

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Angelica was born on January 15, 1987 at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. She weighed 5 pounds and was 17 inches long. She had a hair full of black hair. The biggest thing about her were those BROWN EYES. I looked into them and planned her future. I saw the path to her soul through her eyes.

Angelica's family consists of me, her Step-Daddy (Tommy), her Gan-Mama, her Gan-Daddy, her Aunt Wendy (My sister) and Wendy's husband, Scott (Uncle Scott), and her Step-Brother (Brett), and her two beautiful dogs, Ivan and Dollie-Belle.

On September 9, 2002 Angelica's boyfriend (she wasn't old enough to date, yet) came over to our house for supper. A friend of theirs lives across the street, and his mother asked Matthew if he would pick up Justin, because his car broke down. Matthew asked me if Angelica could ride with him, and I said, yes. They were involved in a Small wreck and this turned then 180 degrees and the car stopped in the other lane. A man in a small pick up truck didn't see them ans hit the front of Matt's car. Right before the second impact, Angelica had her head and one foot out the car. She was trying to exit quickly. The impact swung the door toward her. this caused her head to go back quickly, which broke her little neck. She didn't suffer at all. She was also thrown 15 feet, but she landed softly, with the help of angels. She only had one little scratch on her stomach. She was absolutely perfect. The picture above was the last school picture she had taken, which she never saw, and this was the exact way she looked in death. She was wearing the exact same thing. She was beautiful. I miss my daughter every waking minute of everyday. I get through knowing we will be together again, "One Sweet Day".

She had many, many friends during her short 15 years. Her best friend is Alisha Estridge. They were together everyday for 8 years. They started elementary, junior high, and high school together. Alisha lost her best friend. I ache for her everyday. Angelica always told her, "We're a Team". That was made clear on January 15, 2004. This would have been Angelica's 17th birthday. Alisha asked me to meet her at Angelica's grave before she went to school. I arrived early and decided to go pick up some doughnuts for us. On my way to the store ambulances and policeman passed me. I came upon a wreck and pulled over into the parking lot. I sat there until the ambulance left with the injured person. My husband then called me and asked where I was. I explained the story then he told me, "Tammy it's Alisha in the ambulance". My heart sank. i rushed to the hospital and stayed until she made me smile, because then I new she would be okay. Alisha had stopped breathing and she was on life support for 3 days. When she finally started coming out of her state of unconsciousness we began explaining to her that she had been in a wreck. She thrashed in the bed and continued saying, "tell Angelica I didn't get hurt when she pushed me off that beautiful white horse". The nurse had heard her say this numerous times and she pulled me to the side and showed me in Revelations that it states, "They'll meet you on white horses". I am so proud of my daughter for looking after her best friend. They are truly a team. Alisha also says that her and Angelica were standing over her grave at the cementary during her funeral. Angelica tapped Alisha on her shoulder and pointed down, to earth. She never spoke, but Alisha understood completely. Angelica had told her to come home that it's not her time yet. They now share the same birthday. Once again, I am so proud of my daughter. She's doing her job. looking out for those she loves.
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Personal Notes

Angelica, we are taking such good care of Dollie-Blle for you. She enjoys her visits to the cementary. She will lay on the ground beside you and drift off to sleep. She is soooo fat. I still give her a bowl of cereal each morning and her snacks each night, just as you did. She knows, i'm sure, that you hand picked her and loved her so much. When I look into her eyes, I think of you. She has those BIG brown eyes and they speak for her. I will love her forever. Dollie says, WOOF!
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