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Born:March 8, 1939
Washington,North Carolina
Died:February 7, 2005

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Don was a very loving person he made everyone smile and laugh.He was so good around the kids.Everyone loved him and ther will never be anyone who can take his place.

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Personal Notes

Mourn not to long that he is gone,but forever rejoice that he was.
Added by Stacy

It has been a year,I wonder when the pain will stop.Life hasnt been the same without you here with your smile and laughter.Your place is empty here,but in our hearts you will always be there,never to be forgotten.They say memories are golden,well maybe that is true,we never wanted memories,we only wanted you.A million times we needed you,a million times we cried.If love alone could have saved you,you never would of died.
Added by Stacy

In life we loved you dearly.In death we love you still.In our hearts you hold a place noone else could ever fill.If love could build a stairway and heartache a lane,we'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again.Our family chain is broken,and nothing seema the same.But as God calls us one by one,the chain will link again.
Added by Stacy

Altough you came into my life when i was grown you still were around when i needed someone to talk with. You were like my father in many ways. I will always remember you and life without you will never be the same. I will always remember you no matter how long you are away from me.
Added by cheryl

You came into my life when I needed you most. You were always there for me and my children. The grandchildren love you dearly and you love them and taught them so many things. We miss you but know God knows best and we will see you
again, when our time comes, you will be waiting for us.

Added by Wife, Midge

The year is come and gone our life has changed without one,we miss you oh so much;Though time
will never let us forget,our lives must go on
until our day is done.Just remember that our love will always be for you.We miss your smile;The grandkids miss you saying stop that bucking. I wasnt around much but I miss the times we all spent together;everytime I see a T-Bird i think of you .Goodbyes are not forever and they surely arent the end, they simply mean we miss you until we meet again.

Added by Luv, K,K, AND KIDS
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