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Born:April 8, 1967
Died:January 24, 2006
Palm Springs, CA

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John was born in Taiwan. After coming to the United States at an early age, he did his undergraduate studies at University of Southern California. He was the 11th graduate from USC to be ever accepted into the prestigious Yale medical school, where he earned his MD degree.

He became an anesthesiologist after training at UC Irvine. He was someone who always made people laugh; even the surgeons. Some may have seen him as cavalier and brash, but he was always an excellent resident who took great care of his patients. John was also well liked by his colleagues and support staff because of his easy-going personality.

In the past 8 years he had administered countless number of anesthetics and helped thousands of patients. Also possibly saved many lives. His affiliated hospitals include Torrance Memorial hospital, Pacific Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, Little Company of Mary. Since 2005, John was the chief of anesthesiology department at Shriner's hospital in Los Angeles, where disadvantaged children receive free surgeries from a team of caring orthopedic surgeons and anesthesiologists. Dr. Yang helped many children in difficult burn and orthopedic spine surgeries.

John, in his brief life, was a very special person. In a lot of ways he was the anti-doctor. He was never uptight, never pretended to be righteous, and always told people how he felt. Everywhere he went he left an impression. He would charm people with over-the-top jokes, or ingenious and super politically-incorrect comments. But this comedian could become a dedicated doctor in an instant. He would provide an 8 hour anesthetic to a sick child, refusing to leave his post. John also never disappointed a freind when needed.

With Alice, he had 2 beautiful children, Sabrina and Andrew. In the last year of John's life he had been with Katty, who is a wonderful woman and they were actually planning on getting married. He is also survived by his parents and sister Sandy. And many good friends who will miss him forever.
John enjoying an exciting talk on peripheral nerve block at the ASA 04
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Dr. Yang prepares to give anesthesia; actually he is getting ready to battle in a paintball game.
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John & Katty
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29th birthday, with Hiko and Tom. 1996
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John and best buddy Hiko. often misaken as john's lover.
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John & daughter Sabrina 12/2001
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)

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From Hiko.doc
by Hiko Lin MD, about he and John's freindship
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LV with John.doc
How John plays the roulette table
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Dear John.doc
I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)
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John Yang Eulogy.doc
John Eulogy
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Pacific Hospital Memorail for Yang
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In My Loving Memory of John.docx
The John I know
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Personal Notes

Dr. Yang, one of the best down to earth person i've ever met. Always happy to help especially the nurses who are in the OR room working with him. We were sad when he left us to work to another hospital...but the news about his passing is a devastating news to most of us who had a chance to get to know him and laugh with him. Dr Yang we love you and we will miss you!
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John is the type of person who you would meet once and would never forget. His jokes were almost always politically incorrect, yet everyone laughed, even if the joke was on them. He had a fantastic way making fun of people yet the person that he’s making fun of not only doesn’t get upset but laughs as well. He was quick witted and completely uncensored. He was never afraid to express himself or his opinions. John we miss you and will always have you in our hearts.
Added by Emma Chen

Dear John, we will forever treasure your friendship, your generosity, and most of all your one-of-a-kind humor. Your sudden passing, though still unacceptable to me, has made me ponder more about life: how delicate, unpredictable, and precious. The sleepingdoc has fallen asleep forever. To an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind friend: rest in peace. JY: you're THE BEST!!!

Added by Tom

I have known John for over three years. John helped me get into Pacific Hospital after graduating from residency. Since then John have been like an older brother helping me adjusting to private practice and passing my oral exam. When John become your friend he will go out of his way to help. We at Pacific Hopital are going to miss you. I'm going to miss one of my best friend. Rest in peace, John.

Tim Le

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I am devastated by the news about John... He was way, way too young for this to occur. I have no words...and will miss him
Added by Ahmed

John, beneath all the non-chalant exterior, was a sincere and caring man. His divorce was very painful, yet he never complained or asked for help, even though he took a huge financial hit. He told me recently that he could never complain about himself after seeing all the unfortunate children at Shriner's Hospital. He truly meant what he said
Added by Shihyen

Dear John,I was blessed to have you in my life.You touched my life with your strength&your love.When I close my eyes, I remember your laughter,your teasing&most of all-your smile.Thinking of your smile brings a feeling of comfort to me because it always showed me how much you loved me.I am heart broken to know that you will no longer be on this earth.You once said to me that“Each life is a miracle that changes the world.” You were that miracle for me.Love,Katty
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John. You played a cruel joke on us with your passing. Although I only known you for a very short time, I find you to be honest, humourous, fair, and kind. I am saddened that you did not reach out to your friends in times of your troubles because we all cared for you. I am saddened that a life so bright can burn so short. If you can hear us, please know that your friendship will always be remembered and you will be missed. May you rest in peace.
Added by Thomas Ha
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