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Born:August 17, 1987
Died:December 20, 1987

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Our first born daughter Dawn Leigh was born on the 17th August 1987.Her big brothers Ian and Craig idolised her from the minute they saw her. She was a beautiful baby and so happy and contented.Life was wonderful. Dawn was a healthy baby and progressed wonderfully. She was guest of honour at our wedding in October 1987. As christmas approached our home was full of excitement. That excitement ended on the 20th December whenwe found our darling daughter dead in her cot. 'Cot death' had taken my baby from me. Our lives would never be the same again. Her funeral on christmas eve was a terrible day. Ian carried her tiny coffin to church and then to the cemetery where she was laid to rest with her great grandma.


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Personal Notes

You were all we ever wanted
Itjust was not meant to be
But we were together for a few months
you your brothers dad and me.
you made us to very happy
and proud that you chose us
to share with you four precious months
what joy you gave to us.
For as long as we live we will always be glad
grateful and proudyou chose us
to be your Mum and Dad.

We love and miss you so very much princess

Love Mummy and Daddy.

Added by Elaine Dawns Mummy

Theworld is full of sisters who are loved a lot thats true but there isn't a sister in the world who is loved as much as you.

Night-Night God Bless Dawn. We all love you so much.XXXX

Added by Ian, Craig,Leah & Sam (Brothers and Sister)
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