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Born:Sycamore, Illinois
Died:January 28, 2006

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I met Dave close to 10 years ago when he first came to Maryvale H.S. as our SRO. We hit it off the first time he accidentally sprayed his pepper spray in my office, snickered and then calmly walked out. He did this several more times, not sure if they were all an accident. We would talk each day about our family, sports, the people and kids we worked with even how we thought we would die. Our personal conversations will always be with me.
He wasn’t the normal Police Officer. Not sure how to explain it he was just different. He always made me feel as an equal; he was a good friend to talk to.
I think working at a school was new for him and it took awhile for him to get used some of the kids and staff there. He became part of the team early on having fun and making us laugh. It took years for him to learn that sometimes he should be politically correct he didn’t like it though. I thought it was great to have him around because he could and would say what I was thinking, it was easy for him he didn’t work for the school. It was our joke...
I miss Dave and often think of our team effort at school, our conversations, pranks, and even a few social events where Dave could be Dave.
I hope these few word spark a memory of Dave with those that read them.
I truly believe we lost one of the good guys.

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I meet Dave about 8 years ago at Maryvale.If you needed a laugh or a hug, all you had to do was see Dave.Knowing I was afraid of his service weapon, he would intentionally hug me on the same side as his weapon.That was his way of getting a laugh. It takes someone special to gain the trust of the kids at Maryvale H.S.And Dave was this someone special.Even though he was a Police Officer, the kids knew they could trust him and they did.

Added by Candy

It's great to read your memories of David. I met him 40 yrs ago in Mrs. Flint's 2nd grade class. We went to school together until sophomore year when his family moved. I kept up on his life through friends and family. What a wonderful guy he was, a friend to everyone, of course adored by his female classmates. 4 years ago we had an elementary school reunion. It was great to see David and meet Sheri. We stayed in touch via email. I think of him often and know he'll be missed by many!
Added by Christel

Hi. I just read all the things here on this site, and it's wonderful to see how others felt about my big brother. He's been gone almost 3 months and I miss him so much! When I think of David, I think of strength, and protection, and security, and love. He was such a blessing to me, and to our family, and we miss him so much! It's touching to see that he has touched the lives of others as well. Thank you for sharing. Margo, little sis
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