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Born:October 25, 1971
Died:April 23, 2005

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Robert James Boswell, ROB!

truly unique individual in every way!

A huge personality, strong willed, independent, knew his own mind, larger than life, he was charasmatic and full of energy,

A real character!

A HUGE loss....
In memory. he lives on strong and healthy!!

Added by Anonymous

Rob, Manchester, 10th April 2005
Added by paul
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Personal Notes

Rob you passed away, but you are STILL LOVED SO MUCH!! You live on in the memory of all those who had the priveledge in knowing you!

True love never dies!!

yours always


Rest in Peace mate!!!


22nd April 2011

Added by Paul Jago

There is no greater love ,
Than what I feel for you ,
I had so much I wanted to say.
U turned my life upside down
And you never put me back again.
The funniest man iv ever known
I'm lost without the chaos.
Yours forever


Added by Guy Royle

Rob and I spent many years of fun together when we were younger ! Staying at your dads in Buckley,clubbing in chester/manchester,a real friend and a bloody good laugh,his dog called guieness who used to bite me and was as mad as him ! Sitting in the sun drinking red stripe,waking your dad up at 3am us drunk dancing,cooking eggs and burning them ! We were best friends for many years,,often wondered what you were doing,where you were? Two old capri cars on the drive, aww my old friend I always missed you ! You take care up there God Bless Hun xxxx
Added by Jo Jo

9 years on Rob and i still miss you like hell! You were one of my best mates! I remember all the madness we had together and the mental times, especially that time you stayed at mine and nick and sue were here... miss you loads my my mate!

I hope your teaching them how to party!

R.I.P (P for Party!)


Added by Jane

12 years to the day we lost you :(

Truly missed and NEVER forgotten!

Love you Rob x

Added by Jane Williams

13 years on... and your sooo missed Rob..

Hope your partying with the best up there xx

Added by Jane

I would like to contact Jane Williams who knew my brother Robert who passed away 13 years ago and has continued to post here.
Added by Jayne Economos

Was just thinking about you m8 me and wez often giggle about your antics and the things we all got up to out and about you keep partying with love your mate ian x

Added by Ian
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