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Died:Animal Hospital

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To my little Lucy...My friends found you and brought you to me...Because they know how much I love animals...I saw that you were sick and dirty...So I had to help you and gave you a home in my Patio...I gave you a nice warm bed...And a litter box..And a lot of food....The next day..I had my Mom call the vet...And have them check you out...I came home from school and you where gone...I called the Vet to see if you where okay...And they said you had not come in yet...So I called back in 10 minutes and you were not there...And they said call back soon...And I did...And they said they had to put you down...I just wish you were here...I'm sorry it to me so long to finally tell you....I love you....I'll never forget your beautiful big Forest green eyes...And that look when I said good-bye to you in the morning...I love you Lucy....And I'll never forget what I lost...You truly were one of a kind...And I miss you....I hope God is taking care of you...I love you Lucy...I love you so much...I just wish you had been watched more and taken care of by your other owners....Maybe you would be alive now..If you had lived with me....I never got to say Good-bye to my little this is my way of doing it....I Love you Lucy....and Good-bye
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