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Born:August 6, 1954
Newark, NJ
Died:July 12, 2003
Ocean Gate, NJ

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On November 12, it will be 4 months since you left us, Dad. I cant begin to explain how much my life has changed since then. My heart does not beat the same way it is missing one of its most important parts. I hate the fact that you are gone, i hate it so much i talk as if you can still talk back to me:) you meant more to me Dad then i ever got to tell you but i know you are watching over me right now, you are my new guardian angel. Everyone misses you from Nana, to Mom, Mark, Grandma, Aunt Judy, Uncle, Debbie, Aunt Carol, Uncle T, and the kids. William especially cause he always asks me where my Dad go? it breaks my heart everytime Dad. People have told me this gets easier, but right now it doesnt feel that way. I remember that last dinner we had just me and you, it wasnt the best dinner food wise, you know why, but it was the best to me cause thats one of my last true memories. your food got on my cell phone the dang spaghetti sauce lol. Dad I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH please always be right by my side, its going to be very hard growing up without you physically, but with you by my side watching over me I WILL DO IT! I promise i will make you prouder each and every day! Take care Dad, We all MISS YOU DEARLY!!! I hope one day I can be even Half the Man you are, The greatest Dad that EVER walked the face of this Earth!!!
DADDY for those that dont know is the man sitting in the bottom right in the yellow shirt. these are the baseball dads in flordia 2002 watching their sons play
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Welcome everyone, sign up to this site its free, leave an awesome memory or message about my Dad, i would love it and so would the rest of my family, thanks!
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