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Born:August 27, 1964
Altoona, PA
Died:July 25, 2006
Altoona Regional Health, Altoona, PA

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My Precious loving Son died as the result of a Motorcycle accident on his way home. He was a fun person who enjoyed life to the fullest. He had many, many friends who are going to miss him terribly. Barry was wearing a helmet which flew off on impact after being thrown several feet. His brain stem was severly damaged and he was in a coma until his death. I really can't describe how wonderful he was to me and so caring. I hate the thought of going through life without him!
Barry's memorial cards
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Barry Jess.jpg
Barry and Jessica
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Barry, karen, Mom, and Denise
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My Bear.jpg
Thankyou Barry....I'll always remember
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Barry's Mom on the way to cemetary
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Barry and Necie
Added by Little sister Necie (Denise)
Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)

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Poem from Barry.BMP
Poem I found that I feel is from my Son
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Barry I Miss You So Much.JPG
Missing My Son
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I Stopped Living.jpg
I stopped Living on 7/25.2006
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Personal Notes

My Son helped me so much after the death of his Dad 2 years ago, and now he's gone too. I'll never be the same without my BEAR!!!! He never left the house without telling me he loved me and giving me a hug and kiss goodby. Till we meet again my heart will ache.
Added by Barry's mom

Boop was my nephew, who was taken from us in a motorcycle accident.He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.I cannot express how much he meant to me.It must be a macho man thing,that we do not tell other men how much we love them. Boop, is a name that i have called Barry since he was about 5 years old.I hope that Boop knew how much he meant to me.Hope to see you soon.
Added by gary pike

Barry was a good person not afraid to show he cared for you and always greeted you with a smile. He promised his Dad who died of cancer that he would take of his Mom.He did a good job-his Dad would be proud.We loved him dearly-our hearts are broken.We know he's in a better place,but it doesn't seem to ease our pain. Maybe in time. We're happy for him, but there's a void in our lives.I'm sure Barry knew he was loved and I look forward to seeing him again someday.
Added by Aunt Jill

Do you walk among God's stars at night,
and soar with eagles in their flight.
Your new life a joy beyond our scope,
until morning dawns with blessed hope.
You would not have us sad with grief,
though your zest for life seemed much to brief.
You'd wish us love and laughter, and now
and then some tears,
to wash away the sorrows of swiftly passing
We know that joy unending and God's
amazing grace,
will hold you ever steadfast in the Savior's
sweet embrace.

Added by Written with love by Aunt Beverly

Im always gonna miss throwing the football around or just laughing with Barry.I remember when uncle Moe died how hard Barry was taking it,but all through the funeral he kept making sure that I was alright and he kept doing things to make me laugh.It was his Dad that died but he was still looking out for me and making sure I was alright.Thats something that I will always remember about him.He was a great person and more than a cousin.I know we will all be with him again someday
Added by Josh Pike...cousin

About a week before his accident, Barry stopped by to see me. I hadn't seen him for a little while and it was cool that he had stopped. As we get older our lives are changing and we lose touch with what we later may regret. We talked about our jobs, toys, and women. He played my new guitar and told me about his new one. We talked about his bike and he was going to bring it by for me to see. I was looking forward to seeing him again. I'm going to miss him and the good times we shared.
Added by Cousin Steve

Barry Kaufman was tough on the outside but had a huge heart. He always had time to talk, and made everyone feel as though they were special. The good times we had will forever be with me...I'll miss you dude!!!!
Added by Friend

When I heard Barry got his bike around the same time I’d gotten mine, I was hoping to ride together sometime. We’ve had some great times in the past; fishing, boating, playing music together, or just goofing off over a few beers. Something about this all just doesn’t seem real, and in a sense it isn’t, because Christ conquered death for us all some 2000 years ago, and thanks to Him, Barry and I will take that ride someday soon.
Added by Jeff
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