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Born:November 25, 1854
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Died:May 22, 2005
Milwaukee, wisconsin

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James lopez was a great and wonderful father and boyfriend of many years to my mother, he was very p[roud of his heritage being mexican american. He grew up an only child, he loved to play sports and build model airplanes, as he grew up he loved sports even more and joined the track team at south divison highschool in milwaukee. He gradurated in the year 1971 at the young age of 17, he went to matc college to get a degree in electronics, he was married was to a woman named karen but he felt that it wasn't right, he had two sons by her, which he never saw again. Mnay years later he met a women named cindy callahan who worked as a cna. he fell in love with her smile and how gracful she was, a few years later they were expecting a child, a girl this time and when she was born he fell in love with her. I am his daugther i have heard many stories about my father but deep down inside i knew he left this world still loving me the same way he loved me when he first laid eyes on me. I am his daugther and he was my brillant father.

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