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Born:June 26, 1963
Albuquerque, NM
Died:August 19, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
Our dear friend Mark was taken from us very suddenly and unexpected by a tragic auto accident.  Only 43 years young, he was such a happy and vibrant soul, with an incredibly generous heart that touched the lives of everyone he met.

(EVERYONE is greatly encouraged to please share any and all thoughts, memories, & photos, etc., of Mark, but we would especially love to get as much as possible from all of his family and anyone that served in the military with him, in DESERT STORM!)
A special memorial for Mark
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Aug 19th 2007 004.jpg
Mark's Army Fatigues from Desert Storm
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Markie & Mikie @ Ned's
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Mark & more Ned's friends
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Denver helmet.jpg
Broncos Baby
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)

Personal Notes

This is so hard for me, since my heart is hurting & this loss feels overwhelming and unbearable, but as I try & deal with all these difficult & confusing feelings of grief and disbelief, etc., I am realizing some things that are providing such a source of great comfort that I would really like to share them now:

Added by Cathy Germack

Although Mark & I have been friends for several years, it has only been the last year or so that I have had the good fortune of getting to know Mark alot better and becoming very close friends! We discovered that we shared quite a few common interests & ideas, and throughout this period of time we spent countless hours just talking & talking about anything & everything!!!

Added by Cathy again

Mark was so intelligent, witty, charming, fun-loving, also sometimes quite serious & intense, as well as strong-willed, with very deep-rooted convictions & strong family values! He was incredibly sincere, compassionate, sensitive,
and probably the most considerate, generous &
big-hearted man I've ever known! Mark always had a pretty positive attitude, basically very happy & at peace with himself & most everything else!

Added by his friend

Sometimes he was really up for a good debate & enjoyed a bit of friendly "sparring" with certain topics, but would still listen to & respect my point of view, (always ready to "agree to disagree" if necessary,) but ultimately, we both were usually on the same side! We were able to communicate quite comfortably, very open and honest about everything, it was amazing to me!
Mark let me be myself, liked who I was & vice-versa! We had so much fun!!!

Added by someone who knew

Although now, I ache over every inch of my being from knowing I will not be able to spend any more time with my dear friend again, I miss him like crazy already & of course I will keep missing him immensely for the rest of my life, I keep coming back to this comforting, yet bittersweet thought:
I feel so very lucky for the short time we did have, because he always made me feel happy and he brightened up my life! (So then he WILL always be with me!!!) .....Love, CATHY XOXO

Added by & with LOVE!!!

I would like to thank whom it was who put up this memorial for my dad. It's nice to know that he had friends who cared about him. I don't know what to say but "Thank you so much"
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Thank you Cathy for all your kind words and thoughts. It's so nice to know my brother was so loved and cared for. We are trying to fill our void with all the wonderful memories we have of him. He took his role of big brother seriously. Always trying to protect and take care of us. He was always someone I could look up to and count on. He's the last thing I think of when I go to bed and the first thing when I wake up. Thank you again!!!
Love his sister Natalie

Added by His sister Natalie

Natalie, thank you so very much for your loving message & kind words!!! Mark spoke of all his family often with so much love & pride, however, I did not ever have the honor or opportunity to meet very many of your family members. If you would try to encourage any of them to visit this site and contribute some more personal notes, memorabilia, photos of Mark & family, or any thing at all, it would make this memorial alot more personalized & so very special! Much love to you & yours always,
Added by Cathy
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