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Born:September 3, 1971
Died:August 30, 2005

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Our minnie, Our Donna, gone but never forgotten, she got called up to her home heaven at the young age of 32, she went three days before her birthday, we had to celebrate it for her, we went up to her grave and put cards, presents and flowers but she wasn't here to open them. She was the best mum you could ask for, her three kids miss her so, Baby Shantelle we will tell her of the memorys and Daniel and Jamie have brill memorys of there own that they will never forget, her mum Carole cannot get used to the fact her lil girl has gone, we think about her every day every minute every second, we wonder were she is. she made every one laugh. and sometimes cry. she was so unique so different from everyone else, that's what i loved so much about her.Just because she's gone it doesn't mean she's forgotten because thats the last thing that's never gonna happen. We will live her memory on for ever.

Donna we knoe you are here floating over us some were but we just don't know, we can;t get used to the fact your not gonna come back, were never gonna see your smile, or hear your laugh. when the wind blows in my face or the sun shining down i think of you. i think of you when i go to sleep or when i go out with my friends your always in my mind and there you'll stay we will never forget you bbe enjoy your rest and we will be with you soon once again night night darling missing you loads, hurts more each day because it's another day without you. xxxxx

please visit her other sites
http://www.chr rials/show.asp?id=392 you have to look for her name on this one.

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hiya bbe missing you so much hope your haing fun up there in your new home, hope you have got loads of new friends like u did down here RIP HONEY missing u mre each day
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Hiya bbe u having a fun time up there, we really aremissing you down here, wish we can have you back for one last day but do you no hat i dont think i'll be able to let go of you again because i still aint let go of u from last time see you soon in heaven night donna xxx
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Hi Minnie have a drink on me,seen your new Gravestone it's gorg can,t believe how much it stands out as soon as you walk into the cemetry you can see it, it's so big and it's the only red love heart in there, just wish we had you instead i'm missing im missing ur laugh and ur smile so much u were da bst darling nightnight bbe God caouldnt of picked a better angel then u
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hi Donna, i'm hurting so much now your not here, ervyday is a challenge now to try and get threw with out crying and gone threw one day without crying or thinking of you, i wonder were you are if your right here besides me or flying high up in the sky, you were born an angel and you died an angel ceeyou on the other side minnie love you so much don't you forget thatxxxx
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OMG Donna i love you so much, only came to me today your not coming back our minnie our donna i look in the paper and there you are it's saying how shocked eberyone is to have losted a wonderful woman like you, you have been in so many times, i can always remember how you always used to moan when your hair got to long and you went straight to the hair dressers to have it cut again,i will never forget the gd times
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