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Born:June 27, 2005
Arizona, good sam hospital
Died:August 9, 2006
Arizona, st. joes hospital

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My son jeffrey jr was born on june 27,2005 by an emergency c-section and everything was fine well that we knew of at 2 days old the doctors came in to do an assement of jr and found out that he had a heart prolbem and transfered him to phoenx children hospital were the doctors said that he die in a week from heart failer, but there was one thing that they could try was a heart cath to relieve the pressure off his aortic valve. So at 4 days old my son had his first heat procudre and it went well. Jr was in the hospital for 2 weeks. and all the doctors said is that he will have to be followed by a cardiologist and so that is what we did but things did not stay good because when jr was two and a half months old he had to have is first open heart sugary and he was in the hospital for two and a half weeks but he did good and we were told that he would not need sugary for 2 to 3 years. But thay were wrong 4 moths later had prolbems again and was sent for another cath but it did not work so on feb 28,2006 jr had his second open heart sugary and was in the hospital for 1week but again he did good and the doctors predicited that he would not need sugary for at least another year but again thay were wrong and in july jr had another cath 4 months after the last sugary but again it did not work so on aug 2,2006 jr went in for his 3rd open heart suagry and he was in sugary for 8 hours and when he came out things were ok he had a lot of bleeding and his corany artiry was spasaming so thay started him on meds to make his blood clot and meds to help his artiry to stop spasaming and to there knowledege it was working but again thay were wrong the next day at 11:30 jr had a massive heart attack at 13 months old,so the doctors put him on ecmo which is life support and he was on life support for 1 week before thay took him off we found out that from the heart attack he had brain dammage more than 50% was dammaged so he could not have a heart transplant and after we found that out 2 days later that thy were going to take him off of life support that this was the best that his heart was going to get and we had to make the decision that if his heart failed again d we want to put him back on life support or let him go and we decided that if his heart failed again we were going to let him go in peace. and sure enough his heart could not handle pumping by its self and jr passed away at 2:00 pm in the afternoon on aug 9,2006. we had sevices for him on aug 14,2006 may he rest in peace R.I.P my lil jr boy we all love u so much and we all miss u dont ever forget that.

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My lil jr boy we love u so much and we miss u so much words cant even say how much we love and miss u but i know one thing u went throw so much when u were here more than what everyone in our family did in there entire life and u were so strong stronger than anyone that iknow and u will be missed and loved for ever...
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Baby boy jr, we all miss you and love you so much. You fought so hard to stay here and we all know you tried. One day mommy and daddy and sister will be up there and everyone will be happy.
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