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Born:April 26, 1947
Baltimore, Maryland
Died:October 9, 2006
Baltimore, Maryland

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Jack Coburn grew up with his sister Anita and his father Jack Sr. and mother Elisabeth Coburn in Dorsey, Maryland.  Throughout his childhood he forged friendships that lasted for the rest of his life.

As a young man, he studied political science and served in the Airforce ROTC in college. He was a Jack of all Trades working as a Cab driver, Ballpark Soda Jerk, convention planner, Title Officer, etc. Jack eventually got his CPA certification and enjoyed a successfully career in accounting with Vinnell Corporation. He retired from Northrup Grumman as Assistant Controller.

His love for kids and family were lived out for 16 years with Marika and her three kids Mark, Ginnie, and Brenda. Jack greatly enjoyed spending time with their children as well.

Jack lived a rich life of travel and made friends of everyone he worked with in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He spent vacation time in Thailand where he met his fiancé Lamai. Through wonderfully entertaining and beautifully written correspondence, he kept in touch through the years with all of his friends and loved ones.

Sports and current events were a passion for Jack. He spent time with his buddies attending sporting events across the country. He was a great companion and friend.

Jack was also dog's best friend. If there was a dog in the household of a friend, that dog was guaranteed Jack's full attention for a good portion of the visit.

If there is a consistent, strong, and lasting impression that Jack has made on all of our lives, it is that of a true and wonderful friend.

Family Guy
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Handsome and Quiet
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Ginnie's Wedding
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Christmas Time
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Christmas 2004
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In Iraq
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Personal Notes

VBR personnel from the ‘old days’ always remember fondly the times Jack was with us – things seemed to work in great harmony then.
There are many who loved him.

Added by Betty - Ankara

I had the utmost respect and affection for Jack.
Added by Dusty

Jack had a quiet courage.
Added by Joanne - Cancer support group

I love him dearly and no matter when or where we will meet again. Jack has been my best, least judgemental friend.
Added by Norman - Childhood Friend

He was always there when we needed him.
Added by Brenda

Jack was a quiet force that I always enjoyed talking to. He had a calmness and serenity that could have only come with great life experiences. I will miss him. His loss is felt deeply even though I only knew him a short time.
Added by Joanne from the Brain Cancer Support Group

MENTOR: Jack was a huge influence in my life - I learned that I DID NOT want to be an accountant-I thank him for that.

CHILDREN: The kids remember using him as a swing when they were little in Turkey-both arms going at the same time! They loved playing with him.

SOCIAL: He loved getting old friends together to hang and catch up. I think one thing we will all remember about Jack, other than his generosity to others, was his bigger than life laugh . . . never a mistake of who it belonged to.

Added by BJ

To me, Jack WAS the TBMC. His knowledge of contract finances was encyclopedic and his energy and enthusiasm for analyzing budgets, pricing modifications and change requests was unflagging. He was an oasis of calm understanding in a challenging and often frantic environment, back in the early 1990s. His standards were the highest and everyone who worked with him could not fail to be the better for the experience. When I think of those days in that environment, I always think of Jack...
Added by Dave Dustin
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