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Born:October 28, 1948
Freeport, Illonois
Died:December 3, 2003
Miami, Florida

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Scarlett was brilliant and intelligent, wise and kind, strong yet meak.  She could look anything in the eye and rise abouve it.  
She was and is still a loving wife, mother and daughter.

There are so many lives this wonderful woman touched, it's hard to word. The only thing to say is that she really lived and had an incredible sense of humor and could make the most serious face turn upright.

Her voice was amazing. She had the most beautiful opera voice you ever heard, sweet, tender and strong, always singing whenever she felt like it, music was her life as it was all of ours. Her unyeilding support for her husband and son in everything was remarkable, especcially when it came to the arts, we could always depend on her praise and loving guiding touch.

We never grew tired of her enthusiasim about anything she dared or dreamed to do. Her childlike innocence was something to behold and few could last long in her presence if they were negative or rude. This is something she stood against and would always point out the positive in all things.

Scarlett recieved some of the highest honors in the Navy during the Gulf war and other trying times in her years of service. Through it all, she remained one of the most remarkable women to all who knew her, especcially her family. Her kindness showed no bounds and her integrity and honor were impressive to behold.

Many people have a hard time keeping an open mind when it comes to faith and beleifs, Scarlett was faith incarnate and beleived in the light within us all. She loved the best in all faiths and kept true to Christian ideals in the face of everything. "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE" was the words she lived by and thus She left us with a challenge,..

to be better..
to be powerfull...
and abouve all be free.

Scarlett Mauro, our angel, we love you and feel your love raising us!!

There is no death.

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Personal Notes

Mom, I am so proud of you!! you showed such courage. where ever you be, I know your so glad to be over it! you are eternal, always was and always will be.. just say hi to Mr. Germain and the rest of em and save a spot for us ok? As soon as we all raise our vibes more, i'm sure we will chat real soon. I love you mom as we all do and you are my hero and so is dad for standing with you.

Godbless mom, this is no goodbye, This is the start of something new.

Added by AL "Oshan" Achilles Mauro

To the woman who carried her wonderful son, I thank you. I wish I could have met the person who touched his life so deeply. I hear many beautiful things about you. One day we will meet, all of us, again.
Added by Anonymous
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